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How To Lose Weight Correctly
How To Lose Weight Correctly

How to lose weight correctly

Correct diet
Correct diet

Most of us accumulate extra pounds over the years, being lazy to fight them. And it is impossible to part with them in a short time without harming your body. It is recommended to lose 500-1000 grams in weight per week so that he will not return later.

Conclusion: it is important for our body to lose weight slowly

The word "diet" comes from the Latin "ration", which means "mind, intellect". Food should be varied and wisely selected. When choosing a dish, pay attention to nutritional value and calorie content: the first should be more priority than the second. Introduce in your daily diet foods that contain vitamins, nutrients, as well as proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a balanced amount.

Our conclusion: to lose weight correctly means to make the diet reasonable

Breakfast is important
Breakfast is important

Each person needs to be recharged with energy for the whole day, and what you eat for breakfast will be digested due to metabolic processes in the body. Eat carbohydrates in the form of vegetables and fruits, not sweet and starchy foods (these foods contain carbohydrates that are easily digested in large quantities and easily converted into fats). Fruits or vegetables can also be used as snacks. Choose vegetable fats over animal fats. Vegetable fats are found in vegetable oils and nuts.

Conclusion: be sure to have breakfast

Do you like to eat? Wonderful! It is not necessary to greatly reduce the amount of food you eat. It will be much more useful to increase the number of her receptions, it should be 5-6 per day. Only thanks to such a fast dietary rhythm can excess fat deposits be avoided and the correct metabolism maintained.

Conclusion: you should eat more often, but less

In order not to eat too much at the table, remember the rule: the slower you eat food, the faster you will get satiety. Chew food thoroughly. Sometimes you can deceive your stomach before eating, for this you need to drink a glass of water, the stomach will stretch and not much food will fit into it. Do not eat late because it is harmful to the body at night.

Conclusion: there is no need to rush while eating

Movement is life
Movement is life

In order for our body to consume fat reserves, it is necessary that its energy expenditures exceed the energy intake from food. Only in this way can you lose weight naturally. In this regard, the most effective will be loads with an increased heart rate. Running, cycling, and other aerobic sports are better than other exercises. In winter, think about skiing or skating more often. It is very useful for the figure to swim. With these listed sports, all muscle groups are evenly toned. When combined with weight loss, the body will look fit. Walk more every day. Avoid minibuses and buses if the road to college or work does not take too long. It is advisable to walk at a brisk pace. Over time, you will be able to cover longer distances by walking.

So, the conclusion: in addition to proper nutrition, it is important to increase physical activity

In order to keep track of your weight, you need to weigh yourself regularly. It is better to do this in the morning, at the same time before meals. The results can be written into a notebook, so to speak, for history. You can also buy a measuring tape and measure volumes with it.

Conclusion: track the transformation of your figure using weights and a centimeter

Goal visualization
Goal visualization

Psychologists and nutritionists advise: to achieve the desired result, set a goal for yourself. And in order for our brain to remember it and not turn off the right path, write down this goal with your left hand, in large, bright ink. Another way to go towards your goal is to use visualization. To visualize is to feel, imagine, feel. The most important thing here is to learn to imagine that this is really happening to you. Learning to visualize is not easy. One of the following methods will help you. The first is to hang in a prominent place the image of how you want to see yourself. It can be yours or someone else's photo. It should flash in front of you as often as possible. The second method is called "his own astrologer". Of course, it is not so easy to mentally imagine yourself renewed. It is much easier to do this in writing.For visualization, you need to take paper and a pen to write yourself a horoscope for the next month or year. It's time to do it on New Year's Eve. Visualization will definitely work if you yourself want it.

Thus, we conclude: use visualization for weight loss

Follow our advice, and you will not gain excess weight and easily cope with the gained pounds. You just need to really want and be patient.

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