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Video: How To Spend A Weekend With The Whole Family
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How To Spend A Weekend With The Whole Family
How To Spend A Weekend With The Whole Family

How to spend a weekend with the whole family

The weekend can be spent chatting with your family at the dinner table, drinking tea or coffee. So all family members can discuss plans for the future, share their problems, find a solution together. You can also learn a lot of interesting things about people close to you. If you can organize a family vacation, then you will spend time as well as with friends.

How to spend a weekend with the whole family
How to spend a weekend with the whole family

To have fun organizing a family vacation, you do not need to spend a lot of money, show a little imagination and imagination, and then everything will work out. If the weather is bad outside, gather in a spacious room and play a board game. It would be nice to come up with prizes for the winners and "penalties" for the losers, for example, a common funny task from all family members. The prizes are best prepared by yourself. It will be much more interesting. Also interesting is the idea of ​​organizing a concert, which can be attended by both family members and invited friends and acquaintances. The director of such a concert needs to interview the participants of the "amateur art" in advance and find out who will perform with which number. This is necessary in order to draw up invitations.Children can be invited to draw a poster together and hang it in the most conspicuous place in an apartment or house. Do not forget to take a photo report of the family event.

You can ask the children to act out an interesting scene, a puppet show or something else. If the children decide to show a puppet show, help them with it. Remember that the scene can be made from a high table covered with white cloth. Theater puppets can be made from a simple inflatable ball. You just need to make holes for the fingers in it, draw a face. When a child puts the ball on his fingers, you will get a man whose handles will be the fingers of the "actor". You can also sew the doll yourself. To do this, you need a soft and lightweight fabric. The arms and legs for such a toy can be made from pieces of fishing line, to the ends of which you can attach sticks. In addition to homemade dolls, you can use those toys that you have at home. You can come up with a scene yourself or put on some kind of fairy tale or funny story, it will be more interesting.Remember to rehearse your performance so you don't look ridiculous.

A less interesting but more rewarding activity can be general cleaning of an apartment or house. Remember to involve all family members so that no one is offended. This will be much faster and better. After cleaning, you can go for a walk in the park or watch an interesting movie. You can also help the children do difficult homework.

Usually in many families it is customary to get together at the dinner table, but if this is not the case with you, you can stick to this tradition at least on weekends. Remember that family is the most valuable thing in every person's life, you need to pay more attention and enjoy every minute spent together.

If the weather is fine outside, then there can be no question of staying at home all weekend. Go for a walk! Do not forget to take a ball, rackets or other sports equipment with you. You don't have to go somewhere far to walk. You can walk to the nearest park or take a bike ride.

Autumn time can give your family an idea of ​​how to go into the forest for mushrooms
Autumn time can give your family an idea of ​​how to go into the forest for mushrooms

Autumn time can give your family an idea of ​​how to go into the forest for mushrooms. Clean air, rustling foliage, many bright colors … Children will have the opportunity to collect natural material for their applications.

If you have a summer house, then you can go there for the weekend. After all, it is not for nothing that the popular Russian proverb says that skill and work will grind everything. During the day, the family will work closely, and in the evening, you can arrange gatherings in the fresh air or have a barbecue. The spring smell of flowers, the singing of birds, well, the soul is happy.

In spring and summer, you can sunbathe or swim in the river and the sea, (if you live nearby) take a boat or boat ride. Unforgettable sensations and emotions are guaranteed.

A trip to the circus or zoo is a very good idea. Acrobats, gymnasts, clowns, wild exotic animals. All this will bring many pleasant moments for both adults and children.

Going to a park, cinema, circus or zoo doesn't matter at all. It is important that all this be together with the most dear and close people. The main thing is that everyone likes the walk together, that everyone is happy, and all this helps your family to unite even more. Enjoy your time!

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