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How To Make Your Child Happy
How To Make Your Child Happy

How to make your child happy

In order to make your child happy, you need to learn to perceive him as he is. After all, you cannot expect from a child of one year old the ability to speak English, while the baby has not yet pronounced all Russian sounds. He needs your help and support. Communicate more with your child, tell fairy tales, read poems, fables, sing children's songs to him. This will bring you closer and give the child the most important thing - your attention and affection, and therefore happiness.

How to make your child happy
How to make your child happy

It is important to learn how to suppress the whims of the child. Otherwise, you will work to buy another toy, thereby buying your child's love and obedience. Remember that the demands of a child only increase with age, as do the prices of toys.

As a child gets older, you need to help him become an adult. Growing up, a child may feel lost. Explain to your baby patiently what he cannot understand, but really wants to. After all, at about three years old, babies become so curious, it is important to develop this curiosity in them, it is so interesting to explore this world with their mother.

Do not isolate your baby from life. Allow to stomp through puddles, walk barefoot on a warm day in summer on the grass. This way your baby will learn about the world around him. Teach him to navigate in space, communicate with adults, play with peers.

How to make your child happy
How to make your child happy

If you only wish to have a child, we advise you not to do it exclusively “for yourself”, since for yourself it means for no one. Keep in mind that your obedient boy may soon turn into a mama's son, who will run to his mother for advice on any occasion. Such children cannot make decisions on their own. They have difficulties in creating their own family. Some of these children are destined to be lonely.

Some parents, raising their child, make another gross mistake - they try to make their dreams come true with his help. This is why many children go to the university that their parents have chosen for them, despite their inclinations. There is no need to deprive your children of the future, leave the choice to them.

It turns out that your child learns many bad habits from childhood. The most common of these is unhealthy diet. Most parents face this problem. Some of them trust kindergartens and schools to shape their child's taste. Others feed their child with chips, cookies, crackers, additives in which are often addictive, which can lead to obesity and other unpleasant consequences. To make your child a little happier, do not train him to eat this kind of food or set a bad example yourself.

An important point in education is the daily routine. It helps the baby to feel the time. It is necessary to make up a daily routine with the whole family and adhere to it for everyone. You don’t want your baby to stay up late at the TV or computer, to be late in the morning, to constantly lack sleep, and to be annoyed by little things. The inability to get enough sleep can seriously spoil the microclimate in the family, remember this.

How to make your child happy
How to make your child happy

Sometimes, parents are forced to entrust their child to strangers: governesses, nannies. Often, communication with strangers in a small child generates fears. After all, a stranger cannot give him the love of mother and father. Remember this the next time you sit up at work or with friends.

The child feels when something is wrong in the family, when the parents are in a quarrel. He becomes more restless, depressed. Your child loves both of you. It is difficult for him to determine whom he loves more, do not force him to solve this difficult task. Studies have shown that a child who grew up in an atmosphere of quarrels and hostility has the seeds of future unhappiness and destruction. The best thing you can do for your child's happiness and peace is to try to create harmonious relationships in the family. In this case, you will grow up a confident person.

In general, psychologists and neurologists distinguish three periods of a child's life.

The first is the very first year of life. A person at this time is helpless, he needs security and support. It is important to always and everywhere be with him, pick him up, talk. The brute force is just as scary as the absence. If you are a mother on maternity leave, try to do household chores with your child. After all, no one will do them for you, and the child will be busy.

The second period is from 1 to 3 years. At this time, the child learns the world, this is a period of research. Do not take toys from the child at this time, do not hit him on the hands, except when it is dictated by safety. The more your child learns, the easier it will later be for him to figure out his own life. Here you also need to find a middle ground.

After 3 years, the most difficult and interesting begins. Until the age of 6-7 years, your baby is in the head self-positioning in the world, in other words, the process of self-awareness. Watch him carefully, sensitively. Here you and your baby will be helped by educational games, markers, albums, balls, mugs. The only condition is that he should be interested in all this. Do not be afraid to experiment, in order for the child to feel happy, of course, it is important to help him find himself and his place in this life.

When trying to make your children happy, remember that a child is happy when the mother is happy

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