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Video: How To Train Very Fat People

Video: How To Train Very Fat People
Video: PLUS SIZE Full body Workout / Obese Beginner Workout/ Low Impact / No Equipment / No Jumping 2023, June
How To Train Very Fat People
How To Train Very Fat People

How to train very fat people

The enormous load that extra weight puts on the heart, joints and spine, as well as on the respiratory system and veins, only at first glance does not seem such a big problem. But in addition to the above, young men and women who are overweight sometimes cannot conceive and bear offspring normally.

Fat people statistics
Fat people statistics

Having made the decision to fight extra pounds not only with the help of diet, but also using feasible physical activity, a person of impressive size faces difficulties - some classical exercises are simply beyond his power. Elementary body twists or abdominal exercises with lifting the upper body are impossible, because fat deposits in the abdomen do not allow movement.

Losing weight starts with a healthy diet
Losing weight starts with a healthy diet

What physical activity is suitable for overweight people

Swimming. The best option for the obese, because in addition to training all muscle groups, a person receives a natural hydromassage, which accelerates lymphatic drainage and guarantees skin tone;

  • Walking. To begin with, walking at a calm pace, then fast or Scandinavian, using sticks, which means that the muscles of the arms also work;
  • Bicycle. The main condition is a high-quality stable bike that can withstand heavy loads. Plus cycling, as well as walking - training takes place in the fresh air, away from computers and the refrigerator. A home exercise bike will be a good substitute for a bicycle - you can pedal while watching your favorite show;
  • Dancing. Any kind of dance activity, big ladies can give preference to oriental dances, where just the "necessary" muscles are involved, and the load on the joints is quite sparing;
  • Skiing. Skiing is available to everyone, does not require special costs, and the effect is amazing;
  • Pilates, yoga. Perfect for overweight people who need stretching and breathing control. At the initial stage, yoga classes will teach you to feel your body and breathe correctly, but it is important to understand that not all asanas you can perform.
  • What load is suitable for overweight people
    What load is suitable for overweight people

    What you need to know about fitness

    Deciding whether to exercise is half the path to success, because you always need to define a goal and motivation. Contraindications to exercising in the gym can only be medical indications, for example, too rare pulse and too high blood pressure, everything else allows you to start training. The training program compiled by the trainer should take into account your individual characteristics and exclude exercises that pose a risk to your health.

    What you need to know about playing sports
    What you need to know about playing sports

    A few tips to help those determined to succeed:

    For starters, average pace, low weight and short training times. It is foolish to hope that a person who is too fat can easily withstand the usual workout for others. It will be dangerous, the person will simply overstrain and drive himself. The optimal time for the first sessions is 20-30 minutes, consisting of 6-8 exercises, the pace is selected individually. Warming up and stretching after training is essential!

    • At the slightest opportunity - performing exercises while sitting or lying down, as well as on simulators. The load on the veins, joints of the legs and the lower back in obese people is several times greater than in those whose weight is slightly exceeded. Exercises for the shoulder girdle are quite possible to perform while sitting, and the leg press is preferable to lunges.
    • An individual approach to the choice of exercises. A competent coach will definitely tell you how and what to replace exercises that cannot be performed correctly due to significant body volumes. Instead of lifting and throwing your legs over your head in a press exercise, a bicycle or pendulum is perfect.
    • Working out all muscle groups. You should break the training time into sections for the arms and chest, back, abs, legs and buttocks. The more muscles you use at a time, the more effective your workouts will be.
    • Regular training. After the first titanic efforts and liters of sweat spilled during training, it is very difficult to force yourself (especially your body) to go to the second lesson. In fact, those who overpower themselves the first two to three to five times, the weight begins to go very quickly, to the envy of those who cannot part with 5-7 extra pounds. Therefore, having chosen the optimal training regimen for yourself, you need to adhere to it and, if possible, do not miss classes.
    • Comfortable clothes. Sweat is only water, the amount of which you will replace as soon as you drink a glass of water. Therefore, you should not be insulated, light and breathable clothing that fits freely on the body is an ideal choice.
    • Listen to yourself. A person's well-being becomes an indicator for physical activity. Shortness of breath and sweating is a normal reaction of the body, but cold sweat, severe weakness and dizziness, pallor and nausea clearly indicate that training must be stopped urgently.
    • Enjoy exercising
      Enjoy exercising

      Start pleasantly and slowly get in. Remember that losing weight is possible only with fitness training and proper nutrition. Be healthy, take care of yourself!

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