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Video: How To Remove Belly Fat?

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How To Remove Belly Fat?
How To Remove Belly Fat?

How to remove belly fat?

How to remove belly fat?
How to remove belly fat?

Most women, even those who are very careful about their figure, sooner or later face such a problem as belly fat. But we assure you that a small belly is a completely normal phenomenon, because to some extent it protects our internal organs and prepares a woman for future motherhood. If these facts do not convince you, we advise you to use the well-known eight exercises that were created to fight excess fat cells on the stomach.

This set of workouts is intended for women who do not have gynecological inflammations, injuries and physical overload

An important quality of these exercises is that they allow you to use not only the abdominal muscles, but also the arms, back and legs. Thanks to this, you burn significantly more calories. The well-known "eight" combines both power and aerobic loads. She is also able to activate not only the upper press, as others do, but also the lower one, which will be more effective.

Throughout the entire training course, try to adhere to the main exercise: take a deep breath, pull in your stomach as much as possible, as if you are trying to touch your back with your stomach. This kind of warm-up allows you to use the lower press. Also, on the way to perfect abs, do not forget about jumps, they also allow you to lose a decent amount of calories.

Before starting a workout, do not forget to warm up the whole body, this will allow you to warm up and avoid all kinds of injuries and stretch marks. To do this, it will be quite enough to jump on a rope or twist a hoop for a few minutes. You need to perform these exercises no more than 3 times a week. Do not forget to take a few minutes of break after each exercise of the "eights" to avoid physical overload.

Exercise 1. Squats

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pull in your abdomen using your lower press muscles and try to lift your right knee towards your stomach. Now you need to do 15 squats on the left leg, then switch legs and do the same exercise on the right leg.

Exercise 2. Pendulum

Stand up straight with your hands on your belt. Now try to draw in your belly and bend your lower ribs slightly towards the waist. In this position, transfer your weight to your right leg, and extend your left to the side. With the help of a jump, change legs several times, performing this exercise for no more than 2 minutes.

Exercise 3. Twisting

Place your feet hip-width apart. Pull in your stomach, bend in a squat until you reach parallel between the hips and the floor, now tilt your whole body. Stretch your right hand towards your left leg, while curling and tightening your abs. For each leg, you need to do 15 exercises.

Exercises: squat, pendulum, twisting
Exercises: squat, pendulum, twisting

Exercise 4. Hand to foot

Straighten up, lift your left leg, take it back. Stretch your right hand up, try to reach your elbow to the knee. This should be done as quickly as possible, 60 exercises for each leg.

Exercise 5. Jumping

The starting position is similar to the previous ones. We perform jump jumps from one leg to the other, while straining the muscles of the lower press. We perform the exercise for 2 minutes, the pace of the classes is individual.

Exercise 6. Mill

Transfer all your weight to your left leg. Then bend your right leg and pull your knee up to your waist. Bend over slightly and extend your right arm up and your left down. For 30 seconds, change hands, twist the entire body and bring your left hand up, while remaining on one leg, imitating the movement of a mill. Change your legs and do this exercise again.

Exercises: hand to foot, jump-off, mill
Exercises: hand to foot, jump-off, mill

Exercise 7. Squat-jump

From the starting position "feet shoulder-width apart" sit down, jump up, only so that the legs do not change the position "shoulder-width apart".

Exercise 8. Stand on one leg

Stand up straight, transfer all your weight to one leg, while pulling in your stomach as much as possible. In the "straight" position, bend forward so that the fingers are at the level of the middle of the lower leg. You need to perform 15 exercises for each leg.

Exercises: squat-jump, stand on one leg
Exercises: squat-jump, stand on one leg

To flatten your belly, you need to do these exercises regularly, but don't forget about a healthy diet. Your menu should be high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and unsaturated fats. Also exclude options with physical overload. If you stick to all of these tips, we are confident that you can be confident in achieving a good result. And remember that there is not a single set of exercises that would help get rid of fat only on the abdomen, all methods work completely on the entire body.

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