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How To Care For Eyebrows At Home
How To Care For Eyebrows At Home

How to care for eyebrows at home

How to care for eyebrows at home
How to care for eyebrows at home

Sometimes we want to grow eyebrows quickly due to the fact that they used to pluck them carelessly. Not every one of us knows that by accidentally capturing a few hairs, you can greatly spoil the shape of your eyebrows. It must also be remembered that by regularly removing hairs in the same place, we thereby weaken their bulbs. If you want to change the shape of your eyebrows, to make their line wider, you will face some difficulties.

Another putative reason for missing or poor brow growth is chemical coloration. If your eyebrows are light and you cannot do without it, try to take small breaks between procedures (you can tint your eyebrows during this period with a pencil or shadows).

How to grow eyebrows at home? When you wash off makeup from your face in the evening, do not forget about eyebrows, because they also need attention. Soak a cotton pad in water, dip it in oil (almond, olive, burdock) and process the eyebrow hairs in the direction of growth.

For good brows, brush them every day with a brush. This procedure ensures the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. In order to enhance the effect, you can moisten the brush in oil (almond, burdock, etc.).

Apply oil masks for your eyebrows once every 1-2 days. Using a tampon, apply slightly warmed oil, castor or burdock, to the hairs, remove the excess with a tissue. Perform this procedure 1 hour before a night's rest.

Also use herbal teas or infusions for eyebrow care. Herbs such as mint and chamomile are perfect for stimulating growth. Brewing ratio - 1 tbsp. boiling water 1 tbsp.

Apply a mask based on carrot juice to your eyebrows 2 times a week. To prepare it, mix 1 tbsp. juice and contents of the AEVIT capsule. Soak a cotton swab in such a mixture, apply to the eyebrows, hold the swab for 20 minutes on both eyebrows at once or separately, then rinse off the composition.

Also use herbal teas or infusions for eyebrow care
Also use herbal teas or infusions for eyebrow care

Apply a stimulating mustard eyebrow mask once a week if you want to achieve better growth. To prepare, mix 0.5 tbsp. mustard powder and equal amounts of burdock oil, a pinch of sugar and half a raw egg yolk. Dilute the mixture with water until thick sour cream. Keep such a mask on the eyebrows for 10 minutes, while you need to cover them with foil. Then you need to gently wash (you can oil the hairs). Do this before bed, as mustard often causes skin redness.

If you are not satisfied with the condition of your eyebrows, it may be time to reconsider your diet. Fast foods, sweets, fatty foods should be excluded from the daily menu. Make a diet with lots of raw vegetables and fruits, include lean protein - cottage cheese, fish, seafood, cheese, liver, eggs. Consult a specialist - maybe he will recommend you to take a vitamin-mineral complex that stimulates hair growth.

How to grow eyebrows as soon as possible at home? Refuse for a while from plucking them. If, for some reason, you cannot pay attention to the measures indicated above, but want to see the result as soon as possible, contact the eyebrow tattoo artist at the salon. This procedure will help you to achieve the desired goal in the shortest possible time.

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