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How To Effectively Control Weight?
How To Effectively Control Weight?

How to effectively control weight?

Alla Vasilievna Shilina
Alla Vasilievna Shilina

Many readers ask questions about how to lose weight and effectively control body weight. The most popular of them are commented on by nutritionist, endocrinologist of the highest category, expert of the Herbalife brand Alla Vasilievna Shilina.

Nutritionists recommend functional foods such as protein shakes as the best way to lose weight. How effective is this method?

The effectiveness of weight loss with the help of protein shakes has been proven by practice and authoritative studies abroad and in Russia. There are 47 studies supporting the effectiveness of meal replacements for weight loss and control 1.

In Russia, a clinical study conducted on the basis of the clinic of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences 2 confirmed that a weight loss program using Herbalife food products - the Formula 1 protein shake and the Formula 3 protein mixture - is more effective than the standard low-calorie diet for reduction of waist circumference and reduction of body fat, and also provides a more comfortable process of losing weight, namely, better satiety and less hunger. In addition, the Formula 1 Protein Shake and Formula 3 Protein Blend are approved by the National Association of Diet and Nutritionists.

Is it possible to maintain an ideal figure without suffering from hunger?

Yes, modern functional food products such as protein shakes help. With a limited calorie portion - only 200 kcal (when cooked with 250 ml of milk with a fat content of 1.5%) - such a "meal in a glass" contains as much as 17 grams of protein (protein), which allows you not to feel hunger for several hours, keeping you feeling full. and fiber and a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals ensure the supply of essential nutrients to the body. For example, the Herbalife 3 Weight Management Program provides a comfortable process for losing weight without being overwhelmed by hunger.

What if you want not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to be sure that they will not come back?

The best results are usually easier to achieve for those who are supported and motivated on a daily basis. Also, for effective weight control, it is important to take into account personality traits and the specifics of a person's lifestyle. Personal Nutrition Consultants are widespread around the world - people who themselves have lost weight in the past and are ready to help others repeat their success. They help to choose a weight control program depending on personal goals, nutrition and the specifics of the client's lifestyle and more effectively achieve the desired result - to reduce weight and maintain it in the norm in the future.

Is it safe to lose weight through dieting?

How to effectively control weight
How to effectively control weight

Not every diet is safe for health. For example, with mono-diets, the body is severely deficient in vitamins and minerals. And for good health, it is important to get all the necessary macro and micronutrients every day. The quality of nutrition and the quality of life in general depends on how balanced they are in foods. But there are some weight loss programs that are scientifically proven to be safe. Thus, clinical studies of Herbalife 2 products have proven that the use of the Formula 1 protein shake and the Formula 3 protein mixture in the Herbalife weight loss program is safe for health, since the products have a balanced composition, including protein, vitamins, and minerals necessary for normal body work.

How to choose the right diet to achieve the desired result?

Several criteria are important to consider when choosing the right diet. First, the diet must be safe for the body and not harm health. Secondly, its effectiveness must have scientific and practical confirmation. This means that with food, you need to get proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Thirdly, the diet should be convenient and comfortable, since weight loss depends on the psycho-emotional state of a person. If changes in diet are associated with new stress, the result may be the opposite of what you want.

Fourthly, it is worth considering factors such as moral support and motivation for the result. If there is a person nearby who has a positive experience in weight loss and is willing to share it, then you can expect the best effect from such a nutrition program. And fifthly, it is good if not one or two people have a positive experience of losing weight with the help of the chosen nutrition program, but millions of people around the world. Their success stories will be good motivation! There are diets that offer all of these benefits, such as the Herbalife 3 Weight Management Program.

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2. A randomized controlled clinical trial of the Herbalife® Body Weight Management Program”. June 2011, Research Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow. More details

3. Specialized food products - "Formula 1" protein shake and "Formula 3" protein mixture.

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