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Cocoa: Benefit Or Harm
Cocoa: Benefit Or Harm

Cocoa: benefit or harm

Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder

For many people, cocoa is a childhood drink that evokes nostalgic memories. The most valuable thing in this drink is its extraordinary taste, as well as its delicate foam. Let's turn to history. Cocoa gained its fame in Europe only in the Middle Ages, despite the fact that cocoa beans were popular much earlier. The fact is that the cocoa beans themselves acquire their characteristic aroma only after processing. Cocoa is a specific product. You need to buy it only from trusted suppliers, to understand the varieties.

How to choose the right cocoa?

Cocoa is evaluated by the condition of the package, by its appearance, aroma, and taste. Traces of caking, lumps in a pack are completely unacceptable. When rubbing with your fingers, the powder should not crumble, there should be no grains, the color should be saturated. When purchasing this product, it is necessary to ensure that its manufacturer is the country in which the chocolate tree grows, because resellers can violate the processing technology of cocoa beans, thereby depriving them of their useful properties. Sometimes they even add prohibited synthetic additives to the finished cocoa powder, which will not bring any benefit to our body.

What types of cocoa are there?

Cocoa beans
Cocoa beans

There are three main types of cocoa on the market.

The first is industrial cocoa, which is grown with the use of numerous fertilizers.

The second is organic industrial cocoa, grown without the use of any fertilizers. This type of cocoa is considered much more valuable than the first type.

The third is live cocoa of high quality and value. This species is collected from wild trees by hand. The properties of live cocoa are unique. But it is difficult for a simple unprepared buyer to understand what quality product he is purchasing.

Let's see if the cocoa drink is as safe as it seems at first glance? All lovers of this drink need to know some things.

Cocoa drink
Cocoa drink

Cocoa is a fairly nutritious and high-calorie product: there are 400 kcal per 100 grams of cocoa beans. A small cup of the drink already creates a feeling of satiety, and it is difficult to drink more than two cups of cocoa. The most correct thing is to drink 1 cup in the morning.

On the Russian market there are often conflicting rumors about cocoa. Many traders claim that the Russians are selling low quality powder. We cannot judge this, since we do not have any evidence. Let's just say that allergy to cocoa products occurs quite often, it is no coincidence that this product is excluded from the diet of nursing mothers. This is due to the presence of chitin (highly allergenic substance) in the composition.

But, despite the disadvantages, the drink contains a large number of advantages.

The very first is obvious: after drinking a cup, we notice that our mood rises. And the fact is that phenylephylamine, a natural antidepressant, is present in cocoa. Cocoa is able to energize us in the morning, and even if it contains less caffeine than coffee. Since cocoa is a high-calorie product, it is an excellent energy source for the whole day.

Cocoa beans
Cocoa beans

Cocoa contains vitamins, protein, iron, zinc, and folic acid, which are essential for pregnancy.

The benefits of cocoa also lie in the ability to produce endorphins in our body - the "hormone of joy". Cocoa also contains a pigment - melanin, which protects our skin from harmful UV rays.

Cocoa is rich in procyanidins, which are responsible for healthy, supple skin. Cocoa is useful for hypertensive patients: the drink helps to lower blood pressure.

The nutritional benefits of cocoa have been appreciated by cosmetologists as well as cosmetic companies. The properties of cocoa are used in shampoos: they give shine and healthy-looking hair. The creams contain cocoa. Spa salons also offer massage and body wraps based on cocoa butter.

When discussing the benefits and harms of cocoa, we can only rely on our taste, as well as the conscientiousness of the producers. If you are a cocoa lover, keep enjoying your drink and having fun.

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