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Video: Which Nebulizer Is Better To Choose

Video: Which Nebulizer Is Better To Choose
Video: Nebulizer Review and Final Choice 2023, March
Which Nebulizer Is Better To Choose
Which Nebulizer Is Better To Choose

Which nebulizer is better to choose

The use of an inhaler is a therapy that is similar to the inhalation process. Fluids are placed in the apparatus, which the patient inhales and thereby relieves himself of the development and complications of the disease.

The main function of the nebulizer is to convert various drugs. It helps to quickly and easily penetrate the respiratory system and clear them of various infections. Many people compare the action of this device with an inhaler. Using a nebulizer, you can heal rhinitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis. Many teachers, singers and other people whose activities are related to the constant conduct of conversations note that the nebulizer allows them to bounce back and stop any ailment.

Types of nebulizers

There are 3 main types of inhaler devices:


  • Compressor inhalers;
  • Membrane nebulizers.
  • Which nebulizer is better to choose
    Which nebulizer is better to choose

    Ultrasonic nebulizers

    The first type is ultrasound inhalers. These devices convert the apparatus into an aerosol by the effect of strong vibration. Many particles that are in this apparatus easily enter the trachea and bronchi, but they do not reach the smallest branches of the respiratory tract. Inhalers of this kind are an excellent remedy only for narrow diseases of the respiratory tract. The positive aspects of these devices are obvious - high performance, quiet operation and small dimensions.

    Compressor nebulizer

    A compressor nebulizer converts liquid into an aerosol form using air pressure. Immediately it is worth mentioning such a major drawback as the rather noisy operation of the device. The nebulizer system has two parts. The first part is the chamber created for the medicine and the second is the compressor. In comparison with the ultrasonic type of the inhaler, the presented model is more versatile. That is, you can put any drugs in it.

    Compressor nebulizers are divided into:

    convection mechanisms;

    • manual control devices;
    • breath-activated devices;
    • dosimetric inhalers.
    • Membrane nebulizers

      As for membrane nebulizers, they have all the positive aspects of the previously presented models of inhalers. Their work is silent and they spray different drugs without any problems. They have in their composition an electronic grid through which the oscillations of the drug can be observed.

      Impact of the nebulizer on the respiratory system and lungs

      Inhalers are very often used for lung diseases. Everyone knows that eucalyptus and menthol vapors have a good effect on breathing, freeing it from infections and viruses. Several centuries ago, nebulizers were used in China, India, Egypt and the Middle East.

      If a person has a lung disease, then one of the effective methods of treatment will be treatment with an inhaler. It will help clear the airways and relieve the patient from the heaviness in the process of inhaling air.

      Successful treatment with an inhaler depends on how accurately the drug is chosen and how its use will affect the result. Nowadays, metered-dose nebulizers and powder mechanisms are used for treatment.

      Impact of the nebulizer on the respiratory system and lungs
      Impact of the nebulizer on the respiratory system and lungs

      Nebulizers for children

      As the observations of scientists show, the most successful type of inhaler for a child will be a model with an ultrasound mode. It is in such an inhaler that the drug is completely fragmented, so it works silently. It is convenient to take such a mechanism with you on a trip, because it is lightweight and not cumbersome.

      An ultrasonic inhaler is considered the best option and is not suitable for any inhalation. But, if you do not pay attention to this, this type of inhaler will become your reliable assistant.

      Nebulizers for children
      Nebulizers for children

      Nebulizers for adults

      Before deciding to buy an inhaler, you should think about who should manufacture this device. I must say that over time, manufacturers have appeared who have more trust than unknown and dubious firms. These include Omron, Gamma, Philips, Beurer. Many of them are used in medical institutions.

      It is important to pay attention to both the manufacturer and supplier, but also to the internal characteristics of the selected device. If the inhaler has tubes for the mouth and nose, then this model will be convenient for people of any age. It is worth paying attention to how the drug is delivered to the respiratory tract.

      If you buy an ultrasound-type device, you should know that the medicine is sprayed from it through ultrasonic waves, and not through nozzles. And this means that the design of such a device implies self-inhalation of the medicine. The spray quality of this type of inhaler is at the highest level, since they allow the smallest particles to penetrate.

      Nebulizers for adults
      Nebulizers for adults

      Now you know everything about inhalers, and you can choose the most successful model for yourself and your child.

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