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Video: Holidays Calendar: Summer

Video: Holidays Calendar: Summer
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Holidays Calendar: Summer
Holidays Calendar: Summer

Holidays calendar: summer

Holidays calendar: summer
Holidays calendar: summer

June is the first month of summer. This is the time for birds, light nights and beautiful flowers. At this time, viburnum, currant and raspberry pleases us with its snow-white and honey-bearing flowers. The ardent aroma of bird cherry and yellow acacia wafts through the streets. At this time, many different plants bloom in the reservoirs, including algae. Little chicks are trying to make their first steps from the nests.

For children, this time opens up vacation time, and for adults - vacation.

Summer begins with such a bright holiday as the International Day for the Protection of All Children. June 3 - a church holiday, the Day of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God.

June 9 - International Day of Friends. Even the great Aristotle began to glorify human friendship as a very precious relationship between people. And we, in turn, still value it. Indeed, in each of us there is at least one person who at any time of the day will listen, help out, prompt or save. Therefore, this holiday was approved for the greatest connoisseurs of friendship.

12 June. This date is one of the most important for true patriots. After all, June 12 is the day of the adoption of the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation. This holiday has been celebrated since 1991.

On June 13, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On June 16, doctors celebrate their professional holiday - the Day of the Medical Worker. This day became a holiday back in 1980.

June 21 is the day of the summer solstice: day and night are exactly the same in duration. This day used to be suitable for magical rituals.

June 23 - Holy Trinity Day, Pentecost.

June 27 - Youth Day of Russia
June 27 - Youth Day of Russia

June 27 - Russian Youth Day. The history of this holiday dates back to 1993, when B. N. Yeltsin. Young people are a very active part of society, on which great hopes are always pinned. Youth is the bright future of any country.

The next summer month is July. Many poets and writers, composers and artists have sung him in their famous creations. This is a very wonderful and troublesome time, because it is already the middle of summer. Many people add a little hassle and work. Besides these moments, there are many beautiful things. Linden blooms in July. This pleasant aroma leaves no one indifferent. For lovers of linden honey, this is a very joyful and sweet time.

World Kiss Day is celebrated on July 6th. This holiday was born in Ukraine, more precisely in Kharkov at the end of the 19th century. People believed that the kiss was worthy of attention, as it expresses love. The most interesting thing is that the UN also thought so, therefore, since the 20th century, this holiday has had an international status.

On July 8, Orthodox Christians celebrate the Day of Peter and Fevronia, who are the patrons of family and marriage. Their marriage in Christianity is a model of the ideal Christian marriage.

August is the warmest month of the year. At this time, everything ripens and ripens. There are fewer bird voices in the forest, but more mushrooms. Hazelnut also spikes. The green grass does not bloom so violently; there are less and less fragrant flowers in the meadows. But, in spite of all this, I want to rejoice a little more in this beautiful and unforgettable warm time.

Day of the Airborne Forces is celebrated on August 2. On the same day, the Orthodox have a holiday - the Day of Elijah the Prophet.

August 12 - International Youth Day, as well as Air Force Day.

August 14 is a church holiday - Savior of Honey. This is not only a national, but also a church holiday. On this day, honey of the new collection is consecrated, pancakes, pies, buns with honey and poppy seeds are baked.

August 19 - Apple saved. As the legend says, on this day, children in the next world distribute gifts, but only those whose parents did not eat apples until August 19. If a woman has lost a child on this day, then she needs to take apples to the temple, consecrate and take them to the child's grave, or leave them in the temple.

August 28 - Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos. This holiday is celebrated not only by Orthodox, but also by Catholics. On this day, the Virgin Mary is remembered and glorified.

Those who work hard should not, of course, forget about rest. After all, we have been given only one life, we need to enjoy it so that we have something to tell our children and grandchildren. Let every small or significant date in our calendar be an occasion to think about your health and rest.

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