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Video: Holiday Calendar: Autumn

Video: Holiday Calendar: Autumn
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Holiday Calendar: Autumn
Holiday Calendar: Autumn

Holiday calendar: autumn

Holiday calendar: autumn
Holiday calendar: autumn

Many creative people sang this wonderful time. After all, where else can you see such a variety of colors if not in autumn? The first month, September, is called tender, because the weather has not changed much, it resembles summer. October always saddens us with rains, many are enveloped in sadness and longing. No need to be upset, because the weather is preparing for a long rest. November finally reveals the last trees. At this time, the weather becomes cold and damp, together with the rain, the first snow can fly. But in this bleak weather, we want to cheer you up with a calendar of all kinds of autumn holidays.

Autumn opens with such a bright holiday as the Day of Knowledge - September 1, Moscow Day and the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers.

September 9 - International Day of Beauty. Since 1995, in all countries and cities, people admire everything beautiful and beautiful. It is on this day that beauty contests are organized.

September 13 - Programmer's Day. This holiday is celebrated on the 256th day of the year. This number was not chosen by chance. After all, 256 different values can be expressed with an eight-bit byte.

September 15 - Day of Forestry Workers.

September 16 - World Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The ozone ball protects our earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Many scientists are working in this direction.

September 21 - Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos.

September 30 - World Wide Web Day.

October opens its gates to us with holidays: International Music Day, World Vegetarian Day, Day of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation and Day of the Elderly.

October 6 - International Teachers Day.

October 7 - International Doctor's Day. Despite the fact that a doctor is one of the most ancient professions. More than 500 medical professionals work in various hot spots around the world. For the first time, Hippocrates himself felt all the hardships of this vocation. This is a very responsible and important profession.

October 13 - Agricultural Worker Day. Since 1999, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation, on this day, not only workers in agriculture and processing products have been congratulated, but also those who work and thanks to them there is all food on our tables.

October 14 - Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31
Halloween is celebrated on October 31

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. This is the "youngest" holiday that has arisen recently. It is celebrated on October 31, on the eve of All Saints Day. Until recently, this holiday was celebrated only in English-speaking countries. But now Halloween paraphernalia has burst into other countries at a rapid pace.

The November holidays begin on November 1 - All Saints Day. This day has always been considered mystical. They thought that on this day, magical entities come to the human world, and people can visit another world. It is believed that on this day the souls of the deceased return to their homes and demand a treat.

October 2 - International Men's Day. On this day, the organizers of the celebrations try to draw public attention to gender discrimination and inequality between men and women, and also talk about the positive influence of men on raising children.

November 4 - feast of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

November 7 - Day of Accord and Reconciliation. After the USSR collapsed, the public was divided into opponents and adherents of this event. In order to avoid all sorts of troubles and conflicts between people, in 1996 the President of Russia decided to rename the anniversary of the Great October Revolution to the Day of Accord and Reconciliation. Until 2005, this day was a day off, but later the day off was made on November 4 - National Unity Day.

Since 2005, November 7 has ceased to be a day off - instead of it, November 4, the Day of National Unity, was "appointed" as a day off.

On this day, for the first time, a computer appeared on the shelves of our stores.

November 10 - Police Day, as well as World Youth Day.

November 17 - International Students Day
November 17 - International Students Day

November 17 - International Student Day. On October 28, 1939, in German-occupied Czechoslovakia, students from Prague universities came out to celebrate the birth of the Czechoslovak state. Their demonstration was dispersed, but student Jan Opletal was killed. At his funeral, students again tried to protest, but many were arrested and imprisoned in camps, some were executed. Two years later, a meeting of all students who fought against Nazism was held in London. It was decided to celebrate this painful date as Student's Day, in honor of all the dead students.

November 20 - World Children's Day. The history of the approval of this holiday begins in 1954. It is dedicated to world brotherhood and mutual understanding of children.

We hope that our little calendar will be useful to you and, once you open it, you will learn something new for yourself. Let this calendar become a ray of light for you on a rainy day at this not very pleasant and inspiring time. Look, maybe tomorrow a professional holiday awaits you.

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