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Video: Pregnancy Calendar (by Week)

Video: Pregnancy Calendar (by Week)
Video: 1 Week Pregnant - Pregnancy Week by Week 2023, June
Pregnancy Calendar (by Week)
Pregnancy Calendar (by Week)

Pregnancy calendar (by week)

Every woman worries about the course of her pregnancy, about future childbirth. This is a very important moment in a woman's life. Therefore, you need to tune your thoughts to bright moments. Think about the fact that a new life already exists inside you, which is gradually growing and developing, and in 9 months it will be born.

The entire period of a woman's pregnancy in medicine is usually divided into three periods of three months, which are called trimesters. The entire pregnancy lasts 40 weeks - 280 days. In this article, we will look at the existing weeks of pregnancy and talk about the changes that are happening to the future fetus.

Pregnancy calendar (by week)
Pregnancy calendar (by week)

1-2 weeks of pregnancy. This is not considered a pregnancy yet, but gynecologists begin their countdown to childbirth from the first day of the last menstruation. This is because from that moment on, an egg matures in the ovary, which prepares for conception. During this week, the image of your unborn child is being formed.

3 weeks pregnant. After successful fertilization, an embryo is attached to the inner wall of the uterus. During this period, the brain and nervous system are formed in the future fetus, the heart begins to beat.

4 weeks pregnant. A regular pregnancy test will not yet be able to determine your position, because the period is very short. The spine and muscles begin to form in the fetus, the outlines of arms and legs, eyes and ears appear. The fruit is only about 1.5 mm long.

5 weeks pregnant. Fingers have already appeared on the arms and legs. Blood vessels are gradually formed.

First trimester
First trimester

6 weeks pregnant. This period is not very good in the sense that it is accompanied by malaise, begins to vomit. An ultrasound scan can show the already clear movements of your unborn baby. His heart beats twice as fast as yours.

7 week of pregnancy. Fetal growth is about 7-9 mm. You can already see the clear outlines of the face, mouth, eyes and a small nose.

8 week of pregnancy. The baby's teeth and elbow joints begin to form. Movement has become more agile. The baby's height is 30 mm, and the weight is only up to 5 grams.

9 weeks pregnant. The fingers are covered with skin, the child bends the fingers into a fist. During this period, the embryonic tail disappears.

10 week of pregnancy. The child has already reached the size of a plum, he has formed all the organ systems, which are rapidly beginning to grow and develop.

11 week of pregnancy. From this week on, the fetus reacts intensively to light, noise, heat, and feels the pain of touch.

12 week of pregnancy. The fetus develops a sucking reflex, it sucks its thumb. From this week on, the child will become very active.

13 weeks pregnant. The first prints have already appeared on the tiny fingers, the veins are still visible through the very thin skin.

14 weeks pregnant. The fruit reaches the size of a human palm. During this period, the genitals of the unborn child begin to form.

15 weeks pregnant. The first hair appears on the baby's head. The weight of the fetus is approximately 50 grams, and the height is 13 cm.

16 week of pregnancy. From that moment on, the legs are actively growing and developing, the formation of eyes and ears is almost over, the nails begin to grow on the legs.

Second trimester
Second trimester

17 weeks pregnant. The weight of the future fetus reaches 100 grams. All joints are fully formed, the skeleton is stiff.

18 week of pregnancy. From this time on, you will begin to feel how your baby is moving in the tummy, he hears well how blood flows through your vessels and sees a little.

19th week of pregnancy. The arms and legs of the baby are proportional to the whole body. During this period, the fetus completes the development of the brain regions that are responsible for smell, taste, hearing and vision.

20th week of pregnancy. During this period, mothers feel that the baby is sleeping or playing. The beats of his little heart are already being heard with a stethoscope.

21 weeks pregnant. Taste receptors have already formed on the baby's tiny tongue. The digestive system is able to absorb sugar and water from amniotic fluid.

22 weeks pregnant. During this period, the expectant mother needs to pay special attention to the presence of iron in her diet. The baby already looks like a miniature newborn, only the skin is wrinkled, without fat cells.

23 weeks pregnant. The skin of the baby is red and wrinkled, the blood vessels of the lungs develop.

24 weeks pregnant. Fully formed fat and sweat glands. Hair and eyelashes are still growing.

25 week of pregnancy. The baby's weight is already about 800 grams. He wiggles his fingers and clenches his fists.

26 weeks pregnant. During this period, the baby begins to react to sounds, more often include classical music for him.

27 weeks pregnant. The kid can open and close his eyes. He has a clear sleep and wakefulness regime.

28 week of pregnancy. The child blinks, cilia are visible on the eyes. The brain expands significantly.

Third trimester
Third trimester

29 weeks pregnant. The kid knows how to regulate his own body temperature. Its weight is 1150 grams, and its height is up to 38 cm.

30 week of pregnancy. Vision is still developing. Moms shouldn't forget about correct posture. Roll onto your side before getting out of bed. During this period, the lower back hurts a lot - this is due to a heavy load on the back.

31 weeks pregnant. The child turns the head, the body is filled with subcutaneous fatty tissue.

32 weeks pregnant. The weight of the fetus is 1.9 kg, and the height is about 42 cm. Marigolds and hair are already fully formed. The skin becomes softer, and the arms and legs are plump.

33 weeks pregnant. The baby gets a special substance - surfactant, it helps to adapt to breathing. He has turned his head down and is preparing to be born.

34 weeks pregnant. The nervous system and lungs are completing their formation. During this period, mothers have more frequent contractions.

35 weeks pregnant. The baby weighs almost 2.5 kg with a height of 45 cm. In the womb he is very cramped, so he no longer makes complex movements and somersaults.

36 weeks pregnant. The baby's face is plump, plump cheeks are visible, thanks to which he sucks his thumb and develops the sucking reflex and muscles.

37 weeks pregnant. From this period, the baby is considered full-term. This means that if labor begins, they will not stop them.

38 weeks pregnant. The baby weighs up to 3 kg, and his height is 47 cm. All organs and their systems are ready to function in the environment.

Pregnancy calendar (by week)
Pregnancy calendar (by week)

39 weeks pregnant. The cervix is constantly contracting. This period is the peak of the fetal pressure on the bladder. Moms during this period are very worried about the upcoming birth.

40 weeks pregnant. The kid is fully formed. Expectant mothers need to be calm, because the baby can also worry with the mother. Just a little bit and your baby will be born.

It is not entirely necessary to buy a huge number of books and manuals to find out how your little one is developing and growing. In this case, a pregnancy calendar will be useful, which describes the approximate weight, height and main changes with the fetus by week.

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