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Sledding - a healthy holiday with the family

Each season of the year is beautiful in its own way. But winter is especially amazing, because we get a unique opportunity to go sledding. This type of outdoor activity is a great pastime for the whole family. Believe me, sledding will not make you bored and will delight the whole family.

How is sledding useful?

Strengthens the legs. Climbing a mountain and descending from it 20-40 times is not an easy task. In addition, you have to drag the sled behind you.

  • Participation and strengthening of all muscle groups.
  • Development of coordination of movements. During the descent, it is necessary to skillfully control the sled and move in the right direction.
  • Saturation of the body with oxygen. Staying in the fresh frosty air excludes the development of oxygen starvation.
  • Blood pressure normalization.
  • An alternative to indoor exercise.
  • Expense of extra calories.
  • Why sledding is useful
    Why sledding is useful

    Sled selection criteria

    Age. If children (up to 2 years old) will ride on sleds, the presence of a backrest and a crossover handle is mandatory. The sled itself should not be too high, and the runners should not be too narrow.

    • Material. The durability and reliability of the sled depends on the strength of the material used.
    • Transformation. Some models can be modified by removing individual parts. This is a good opportunity to save the family budget, as the model can fit for any age.
    • Price. The cost of the sled ranges from 600 to 12,000 rubles, depending on the model and the material used.
    • Plastic, wooden, inflatable or aluminum sleds?

      Wooden sleds are made in most cases from birch or pine, in some cases from oak. They are durable and environmentally friendly and have a beautiful design.

      Wooden sled
      Wooden sled

      The aluminum sled is made of durable aluminum, the seat is made of wood. They are hardy, lightweight, and inexpensive.

      Aluminum sled
      Aluminum sled

      Today, plastic sleds are most in demand. They are lightweight, colorful, streamlined, stunning design. But at air temperatures below -20 degrees, plastic begins to lose its frost-resistant properties.

      Plastic sled
      Plastic sled

      Inflatable sleds are made using rubber and PVC film. This is ideal for going downhill. In addition, they are versatile, because in the summer they find their use during water fun.

      Inflatable sled
      Inflatable sled

      How to choose a slide for skiing?

      Of course, you want to ride from the highest and most extreme slide, but taking care of your health and the health of children, you should not risk it. The slope of the mountain should be smooth. The place where the descent ends must be free of trees, stones, jumps and other obstacles. The most optimal tilt angle for children is 30 degrees, for adults - 40 degrees.

      The choice of equipment for sledding

      The most suitable clothing for sledding is “puffy”. It will not give you the opportunity to sweat and will soften the impact of a fall. Shoes should have a rubberized sole and a high bootleg, as there is a lot of stress on the ankle. In addition to a warm hat and gloves, you can think of windproof goggles and a helmet.

      The choice of equipment for sledding
      The choice of equipment for sledding

      7 rules for safe sledding:

      1. A soft cushion must be installed on the sled seat.
      2. Maintain a safe distance between you and those in front to avoid collisions.
      3. Do not connect several sleds at the same time.
      4. After descending the hill, leave the slope as soon as possible.
      5. If a collision is inevitable, you need to jump off the sled and fall correctly.
      6. Do not overestimate your capabilities. Choose a descent that suits your fitness level.
      7. Do not engage in physical activity on an empty stomach. Before sledding, you need to eat 2-3 hours in advance.

      When is it forbidden to sled?

      Sledding is not recommended (or only after consulting a doctor) in the following cases:

      diseases of the joints and ligaments;

      • unstable immunity;
      • bone injury;
      • infectious diseases;
      • postoperative period;
      • pregnancy.

      Sledding is not only fun for children, it is a great way to keep your body in good shape. The ups and downs are comparable to cardio exercises, which train the heart muscle very well and burn a lot of calories. During sledding, on average, you can lose up to 200 kcal per hour. For comparison, about 450 kcal is lost while running. During the lesson, serotonin (the hormone of joy) is produced.

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