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When Health Is At Hand
When Health Is At Hand

When health is at hand

Improvement and treatment in sanatoriums of the Moscow region

There are many parables about seekers who go to distant lands for treasure. And then they discover that all this time it was at their side. The sanatoriums of the Moscow region are a vivid example of this. Nature, striking in its magnificence and diversity, an abundance of healing factors, a wide range of living conditions, interesting excursions. And all this is not somewhere far away, but in the immediate vicinity of the house. Even a weekend spent here will help you improve your health, improve your vitality and have a great rest!

Improvement and treatment in sanatoriums of the Moscow region
Improvement and treatment in sanatoriums of the Moscow region

Close to home and the climate is dear

The long road to the resting place drains strength and wallet. If you are planning a long vacation, you can still allow yourself to spend time recovering from the hardships of the road. But what if time resources are limited? Go to the sanatoriums of the Moscow region, of course! Just a couple of hours (and sometimes less) - and you can already enjoy your vacation.

In addition, a stay in the Moscow region allows you to avoid the stress associated with acclimatization. The moderate continental climate of the Moscow Region is comfortable not only for the residents of the capital, but also for the majority of Russians.

Nature pleases and heals

The beauty of nature is an important factor in recovery. Enjoying beautiful landscapes, walking along picturesque meadows, mysterious forests and river banks improve mood, help to gain physical tone. Unfortunately, often the residents of the capital themselves are not even aware of the beauties that are literally near the house.

Many lakes and rivers, sunny birch forests and gloomy forest, fields covered with flowers and hilly terrain, surprisingly reminiscent of Switzerland: a vacation in the Moscow region will bring not only health improvement, but a lot of vivid impressions!

Nature pleases and heals
Nature pleases and heals

The land of healing waters and mud

The Moscow region is famous for its abundance of health-improving factors. So, in different parts of the region there are mineral water springs (sulfate and sulfate-chloride sodium drinking water). For outdoor procedures, brines are used, extracted from a depth of thousands of meters.

Also on the territory of the region there are several sources of medicinal mud (sapropelic, peat, blue clay, etc.). The range of diseases that the natural resources of the Moscow region help to cope with is very wide:

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Exchange violations
  • Gynecological, urological diseases, kidney problems
  • Respiratory system disorders, ENT organs
  • Neurological diseases
  • Skin diseases, allergic problems

In addition, you can go to a sanatorium in the Moscow region without having any health problems. A variety of procedures aimed at health improvement, beauty care, relaxation will help you to spend your vacation or weekend with the maximum benefit!

The land of healing waters and mud
The land of healing waters and mud

You just have to choose

Not only in Russia, but also in the world, there are few regions where there would be such a great choice of health resorts that differ in a range of health-improving methods, infrastructure, level of comfort, and pricing policy. Do you want to have an inexpensive vacation? Economy class sanatoriums such as Vorobyevo, Mozhaisky, Dorokhovo and many others are perfect for this purpose! The ideal ratio of price and quality is presented in the sanatoriums of the "standard" class, which include "Buran", "Valuevo", "Vyatichi" and others.

If your priority is a comfortable rest, go to the “comfort” class sanatoriums. It could be Arkhangelskoe, Voronovo, Revital-Park. Those, whose choice - a "premium" class vacation, are waiting in the "Barvikha" sanatorium - the living conditions and health improvement here will satisfy even the most demanding guest!

Region of high standards

It is important to understand that almost any sanatorium in the Moscow Region, regardless of the level, will delight guests with living conditions, a health-improving base, and recreation infrastructure. The best specialists work in the health resorts of the region, innovative equipment is used for treatment and diagnostics. Many resorts have swimming pools and modern spa centers.

You just have to choose
You just have to choose

So do not wait for a vacation: right next weekend, go to discover the world of sanatoriums in the Moscow region!

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