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Video: Kremlin Pill

Video: Kremlin Pill
Video: Kremlin Secret Files: Magic drugs for Soviet leaders 2023, March
Kremlin Pill
Kremlin Pill

Kremlin pill

"Kremlin tablet" (to be more precise, "autonomous electrostimulator of the gastrointestinal tract") - is a metal shell with a plastic bridge in the middle. When it is swallowed and enters the acidic environment of the stomach, the electrical circuit is closed and the tablet begins to work.

The tablet moves along the gastrointestinal tract, where it “catches vibrations of internal organs, enters into harmonious resonance with the receptors of nerve endings and harmonizes the work of internal organs,” and as a result it is excreted along with the feces.

After that, in the instructions for use of this tablet, it is proposed to remove the tablet from the feces, wash and use (that is, swallow again) again. And this can be done several times.

It's hard to comment on such nonsense. The manufacturers of the pill vaguely hinted that it was developed in the early 1980s in secret laboratories of the USSR for the treatment of members of the Politburo. Academician of the RAMS E. I. Chazov, who was the attending physician of the Politburo and to whom the scientific expert of the Izvestia newspaper, Cand. chem. Sciences P. A. Obraztsov asked the appropriate question, replied that he did not know anything about the "Kremlin pill" and his patients had never taken it. Regarding the possibility of rejuvenation with this pill, he literally said the following: "You can write that Academician Chazov was laughing out loud."

And okay if this pill was a harmless dummy. But no, the tablet is indeed an electrostimulator - it consists of two 4.5 V DC batteries (Warta watch batteries) and a tiny microchip that emits a series of about 20 pulses with a frequency of 33-35 Hz, every 3, 8 sec.

But uncontrolled autonomous electrical stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract is theoretically impossible without a simultaneous weakening of cardiac and pulmonary activity, distortion of the functioning of the spleen, kidneys and other internal organs. Moreover, stimulating the gallbladder and pancreas can lead to exactly the opposite result - not weight loss, but obesity! That is, if there is any effect from taking the "Kremlin pill", then most likely it will be the opposite of what was expected.

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