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Video: Minus 11 Kg In 4 Months

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Video: my weight loss story (15kg in 4 months) 2023, February
Minus 11 Kg In 4 Months
Minus 11 Kg In 4 Months

Minus 11 kg in 4 months

Hello everyone, my name is Julia, my nickname on the forum is Julia_L and I am 44 years old. I worked in a state service, and this activity is conducive to a sedentary lifestyle and fullness. My story is about how I fought overweight and won.

How it all began?

I've never been particularly skinny. From the age of 20 I weighed 62-63 kg (height 165 cm). Of course, I always wanted to be a little slimmer. I just didn't bother with this topic, although I was always afraid to get better, as I tend to be overweight.

For the past 15 years I have worked in the civil service, and gradually my position has led me to a more sedentary lifestyle. And three years ago I moved to another country for family reasons, naturally, I was left without work. My lifestyle became sedentary and my weight began to increase. At first it was not felt, but by winter I began to weigh 81 kg. And I saw all the horror of what was happening only with the acquisition of a large mirror. When, with the arrival of spring 2015, I noticed that all spring trousers were too small for me, I realized that I had to do something.

Minus 11 kg in 4 months
Minus 11 kg in 4 months

Who is to blame and what to do?

I started to lose weight from 81 kilograms. To this weight I was led by a sedentary lifestyle and excesses in food. First of all, I immediately began to train - I watched different videos, repeated the exercises. With grief in half, somewhere from April to June, I lost 3 kg. Then I signed up for an online group of a famous trainer, and after paying a certain amount for 3 months. began to study already wisely.

What did participation in the program give: training and nutrition scheme, useful tips. It is much easier to lose weight when you know how to eat and what exercises to do. Plus, less time is spent looking for the necessary and, most importantly, correct information. You can always ask the coach.

Result: from 28.07 to 28.09 - I dropped almost 8 kg (starting weight 77.9 - finished 70 kg). My volumes went well: at the waist - 12 cm, stomach - 9 cm, hips - 6 cm, arms - 2 cm each. The body became more flexible and sturdy, arms, stomach and butt were tightened. I freely jump rope up to 100 revolutions at a time.

How to survive the holidays?

One of the reasons why I have not lost more weight is periodic dieting and skipping workouts. So, for example, I was on vacation for three weeks and moved a little from training and PP. Even on ordinary days, it was difficult for me to strictly observe the daily regimen and diet, drink more water and strictly follow the training program.

What's with the plans?

I continue to lose weight on my own. The goal is to weigh 60 kg. Today it is 69.8. The coach gave a parting word - to revise the nutrition system. This is what I am doing at the moment plus, of course, daily sports. Except Sunday. Sunday is a day off.

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