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Metformin For Weight Loss
Metformin For Weight Loss

Metformin for weight loss

Metformin for weight loss
Metformin for weight loss

Metformin, or glucophage, is an effective drug in the treatment of diabetes. Its main achievement is considered the ability to lose weight, which is why it is more often used as a means of combating excess weight. The components that make up metformin are catalysts for chemical reactions of fatty acid oxidation. They also reduce the absorption of carbohydrates that enter the digestive tract. Metformin helps to reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in human blood, inhibits the sensitivity of receptors to the hormone insulin. It is this hormone that has a direct effect on the deposition of fat in the tissue. The most severely affected part of the human body is the stomach. Glucophage suppresses the hunger that insulin causes. The main achievement of this drug, according to the manufacturers, isthat it has no side effects when used correctly and dosed correctly and is approved by mainstream medicine.

Experts do not recommend using this remedy:

pregnant women;

  • mothers who are breastfeeding;
  • people who suffer from heart and kidney diseases.

In any case, be sure to consult with your dietitian before using the drug.

There is a myth that these miracle pills are capable of dissolving fat, however, this is not entirely true. They only prepare the body to use up reserves of fat cells, not muscle tissue. Lovers of tasty food or even overeating Metformin will be a waste of time. If, after taking another pill, you eat at least one sweet treat, then all efforts will go down the drain.

Metformin as a drug for weight loss is taken for no more than 20 days: 500 mg three times a day before meals
Metformin as a drug for weight loss is taken for no more than 20 days: 500 mg three times a day before meals

The idea of ​​a "metformin" diet is to eliminate all foods containing sugar, as well as bananas and grapes from the diet. It is strictly forbidden to use flour products, potatoes, white rice and oatmeal. Nutritionists recommend choosing a variety of cereals, meats and vegetables (except for beets and carrots). This is one of the few diets that allows salt to be added to dishes.

Metformin as a drug for weight loss is taken no more than 20 days: 500 mg three times a day before meals. Then you need to take a short break for about 1-2 months - in order to avoid getting used to this drug, and in the future an unsatisfactory result. During the first three days, slight dizziness and nausea are possible, caused by a sharp decrease in blood glucose. If in the future these symptoms do not stop, then it is worth reducing the dose by exactly half.

There is a myth that these miracle pills can dissolve fat
There is a myth that these miracle pills can dissolve fat

The first mention of metformin dates back to 1922 and is associated with the names of such scientists as Emil Werner and James Bell. They were the first to note its fat burning function. In 1929, another scientists Slotta and Cheshe worked in this direction and discovered the hypoglycemic properties of this drug in animals. In 1950, physician Eusebio Garcia began using it as a cure for the flu after finding it did not lower blood pressure or pulse in animals. He later noted that metformin lowers blood sugar levels to normal, acceptable values ​​and is completely safe for human health. It was used as an antibacterial, antimalarial and antiviral medicine. A huge discovery was the research of the Frenchman Jean Stern, who first used metformin as a means of fighting diabetes.The second name of metformin - "glucophagus" was precisely its development. He published the results of his scientific research in 1957. The first country to approve this drug and begin producing it on a large scale since 1958 was the United Kingdom. It has appeared in Canada since 1972, and in the USA since 1994.

The number of people who endow this drug with magical properties is increasing every day. There are many analogues of these well-known miracle pills, for example: Siofor, Glucophage, Glycon, Formetin, Metfogamma, Glyformin, Metadien, Novo-Formin and many others.

Do not get hung up on just one drug, because all weight loss products help individually. In order to achieve the desired results, consult a nutritionist, and he will make you the most rational menu.

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