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Video: Minus 11 Kg In 6 Months

Video: Minus 11 Kg In 6 Months
Minus 11 Kg In 6 Months
Minus 11 Kg In 6 Months

Minus 11 kg in 6 months

Mashunya_: To achieve the goal, all means are good in the aisles of the reasonable

Hello to all! My name is Mashunya_. In life too. Now I am 24 years old, height 161 cm.

Mashunya_ before losing weight 86 kg
Mashunya_ before losing weight 86 kg
Mashunya_ after losing weight 75 kg
Mashunya_ after losing weight 75 kg

How it all started:

She was always a beautiful girl, she never lacked male attention. Probably, that's why I'm offended now. When I met my, at that time, future husband, my weight was 67 kg, at that time it was a lot for me, but considering that before that I had lost 10 kg, it was not so bad. How we looked at each other, what was the story …

For six months we were "drooling at each other." Then I got pregnant, and it started - a wedding, grinding to each other, 9 months of pregnancy. And I went to give birth with a weight of 95 kg.

After giving birth, of course, the edema subsided and the weight became 84 kg. And here I wondered, do I want to be like that? And to be precise, I thought, when for three weeks in a row every day and not once my husband said to me “You are fat”. Nobody knows how many tears I shed. And now a diet turned up.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Probably, in me the resentment to life, to myself, to the attitude of a loved one to me, or just tiredness speaks in me, but I am ready to achieve my goal in any way that suits me.

Diet I call it a multi-colored meaning on the lists of green, yellow and red, well, I will not go into details. I dropped 4 kg on it, but fell through. On this diet, you have to become "herbivorous", I could not stand it, and everything came back. A little later I found out that I was pregnant again, and we decided to have a second child.

I went to give birth again with a weight of 95 kg. I spent a long time in hospitals with the baby, because I had to think with my own head, and not listen to doctors. This is what it means to choose the wrong hospital. I came home when the baby was 2 weeks old, and if not for my innate arrogance, then I would have been lying with him for another week. When I got on the scale, the weight was 86 kg.

And then my husband began to hide me from everyone, because he was ashamed to appear with me in public, he did not like everything about me - weight, appearance, clothes. And this was after I gave birth to two children: a beautiful daughter and an heir. I felt very sorry for myself, she cried all day. I tried to starve - it did not help, I wanted to go to pay money to the clinic, Dr. Bormental, but they dissuaded me and I started collecting information on this system.

After reading the success stories of women who lost 40, 30 and even 70 kg, I realized, and why am I worse? I can do it too. I will prove to everyone that I am no worse. What I can. In three months, according to this system, I threw off 10 kg and the weight got up, the motivation stopped working. What to do? Depression … What to do? Give up? Oh no! For two months I struggled with depression and gained 4 kg. And at least my husband stopped hiding, but began to believe that I was his servant, he comes home and only gives instructions. So annoying. I’m a woman and NOT a SERVANT. I try to explain, but he does not understand. And then I found a book on the system "minus 60" and in three weeks I have already thrown off 5 kg and now I know the main thing - to find what suits you and everything can be achieved.

I chose not a diet for myself, after which the weight comes back, I chose a new nutrition system. A new habit in life is to eat right. If you eat right, then the weight will not return. There are no ideal people, but everyone strives for the ideal, and I am no worse. And I want my body to be, at least, close to ideal, in order to live in harmony with myself, like myself, love myself and then others will love me. It’s much nicer when people smile at you. And when you feel great, you yourself want to smile, just like that.

I have never been involved in sports. More precisely, once upon a time volleyball, but now there is no such opportunity, and I have no desire to play others. But sport is definitely needed, but I can't bring myself to. Now, when the moment comes when I want something, I tell myself that I will eat it tomorrow or I am doing myself a little indulgence, the main thing is that it really should be a LITTLE indulgence.

How to survive the holidays?

On holidays I completely relax. First, I won't be able to physically eat as much as before. Secondly, I also need to relax, because small children with a difference of a year and 4 months are very exhausting, and thirdly, everything that comes back will fall off in a couple of days.

Does the Calorizator help?

The site helped me first to see how weight changes, then to calculate the calorie content of dishes when I was on the Dr. Bormental food system, and the biggest help is the support of people. They are always happy here, here as a family, it is pleasant to come here, they will help you with advice, you can speak out and they will understand you. I have a lot of kind words for the administration and participants of the site and forum.

What's with the plans?

For the future, I decided not to change anything in my diet, this is already the norm. And before Easter I will again fast for the second time in my life.

Now I firmly know that I can stand it !

At the beginning of my story, I spoke about the insult … my insult is that even now I was locked at home with my two children and are not allowed to go anywhere. My husband constantly has work, if not work then he helps someone. Mom is constantly working and she needs to rest. And I work at home, sit with children, and have no right to a day off. I am telling this so that the reader understands how hard it is to be in a great mood when you are alone and you cannot go anywhere when there is no support. And they don’t give you money, they say “you’re sitting at home, why do you need money”. It’s in order to prevent this from happening, and I want to change.

At the moment, they are already approaching me to get to know each other, my husband begins to get jealous, maybe so he will understand that I am a woman and very beautiful. I want to come to a cafe and not hide my eyes, because I feel uncomfortable, because it seems to me that everyone thinks "well, a cow, she should sit at home." My self-esteem began to rise, I began to love myself, I already feel like a beautiful woman.

Half a year has passed, in total I have lost 11 kg and this is not the end of my journey. My dream is to weigh 50 kg and I need to let go of 25 kg before it.

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