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Video: Minus 15 Kg In 6 Months

Video: Minus 15 Kg In 6 Months
Video: my weight loss story (15kg in 4 months) 2023, March
Minus 15 Kg In 6 Months
Minus 15 Kg In 6 Months

Minus 15 kg in 6 months

My name is Alena. I am 27 years old, 170 cm. I work as an accountant.

Minus 15 kg in 6 months
Minus 15 kg in 6 months
Minus 15 kg in 6 months
Minus 15 kg in 6 months

How it all started:

Let's start with the fact that, as I myself thought, I was never thin. In the kindergarten, I was the largest. Although, as I now believe, blood with milk. At school I did not particularly suffer from overweight, I had enough other complexes. I began to gain weight when I got together with my future husband. I was about 72 kg, and this was quite normal weight for me. As soon as we moved in, the kilograms went up the hill: kebab meat, potatoes with butter, salted, dried, dried, smoked fish and a lot of beer. The husband already at that time weighed about 135 and this did not bother him at all. And I, seeing this abundance on the table, simply could not stay away. As a result, in just 3 months I gained 13 kilos (85 kg). Then I got pregnant and, thanks to toxicosis, lost 11 kg (74 kg). I left the hospital with a weight of 78 kg. For the next six months, with an eternally roaring baby in her arms,I lost weight up to 74 kg. And then, when the precious child began to fall asleep without many hours of motion sickness, the weight again fell off the chain and up, up, up … and so on until 87 (for reference: I went to childbirth with a weight of 89 kg). When the scales showed 87, it was already the limit.

Who is to blame and what to do:

At that time, I had already stumbled upon Calorizator and actively read about how someone is losing weight. I put my daughter to bed and ran to the store for scales and headlong into contests. I chose "System Minus 60" by Katya Mirimanova for myself. I do not like to limit myself to some kind of products, another thing is the quantity and time of their consumption. Therefore, the system became ideal for me. Physical activity was very meager, I did not torture myself with a gym or legs that were worn out from running. Only the press, without getting out of bed, rocked: lifting the torso or legs, swinging, pushing up a little, squatting a little.

In the first month and a half, I lost 9 kg (78 kg). And then she slowly lost weight up to 70 kg.

Of course, there were some breakdowns and violations, it is impossible not to indulge yourself at all. We are not robots with an installed program.

For motivation, I kept a personal weight loss diary: with weight loss charts, with body measurements every 2 weeks. Watching the decreasing numbers, it is simply impossible to give up. Plus ease, lack of shortness of breath, the ability to fit into old clothes and the joy of buying new ones, emphasizing the acquired forms, and not hiding them. I started wearing heels again, I used to suffer from swelling. I had to buy shoes one size larger.

So the result is the best motivation!

How to survive the holidays?

During breakdowns, holidays, etc. the next day I just do a fasting day for MILK! It's just a magical thing for me!

Does the Calorizator help?

And many thanks to the dear girls from the site, the contests that they tirelessly hold in the open spaces of the Colorizer. Personally, thanks to the support and a sense of duty to my team, I have achieved today's result and will achieve even more.

What's with the plans?

At the moment I weigh 72 kg. But I'm not going to stop there. The next goal is to look decent in a swimsuit. I rested a little and again into battle. IN BATTLE with new FORCES !!!!!

Per aspera ad astra - Through hardships to the stars

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