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Video: Minus 20 Kg In 3 Years

Video: Minus 20 Kg In 3 Years
Video: Как похудеть? ПРОСТЫЕ, НО ВЕРНЫЕ РЕКОМЕНДАЦИИ! МИНУС 20 кг за 3 месяца! 2023, March
Minus 20 Kg In 3 Years
Minus 20 Kg In 3 Years

Minus 20 kg in 3 years

Minus 20 kg in 3 years
Minus 20 kg in 3 years

How it all started:

I want to share my story! At the university, my friends lived without thinking about health, being overweight, ate everything, especially burgers, hot dogs, pizza, washed down with cola and beer. After graduating from university, she returned home and saw horror in the eyes of her father and friends. Always athletic and slim, I turned into a hippo! The weight was 77 kg., To be honest, I didn't even think that I would lose weight, because my mother was always full. I reassured myself that it was hereditary …

Who is to blame and what to do:

At first I tormented myself with diets (which I do not advise anyone), then I realized that proper nutrition and an active lifestyle (even simple evening walks) work wonders! In this case, losing weight is slower, painless and long-term. Over the course of three years, with a quiet glan, she began to regain her love for sports, an active lifestyle, she began again to just walk in the evenings (without buying various drinks and crackers, and if she wanted to drink, then she took still water!). I gave up potatoes, mayonnaise, fried and sweet (of course, gradually), last year I signed up for a gym (I was ashamed before, but after losing weight I felt confident).

Now I have finally relaxed and for almost half a year I have been living without bothering, and constantly holding the weight of 56-58 kg, because the habit of proper nutrition has already been developed. I just want to tighten the figure a little more (remove the sides and pump up the abs), but so far laziness is stronger than me.

How to survive the holidays?

During the holidays, you should not force yourself and drink only water, looking at the delicious smacking faces of those around you, you can afford any dish, only in reasonable quantities !!! Usually after the holidays I arrange fasting days for myself and try to move more! Don't run to the scales all the time! muscle is heavier than fat! Look at the volume of the body (once a week I take measurements of the waist, hips, abdomen, biceps, pelvis). From them it is immediately clear what you have purchased: a piece of bacon in the belly, or cubes on the belly.

Does the Calorizator help?

Since diets allow you to lose the desired kg in a short period of time, and just as quickly they return, taking with them a couple more extra kg, communication with like-minded people on the forums VERY helps, I really liked this site, since you can easily calculate the number of calories and CARBOHYDRATES (I tried to control them!) and it is just as easy to understand that I ate the extra candy, it would be better if I ate an apple … I can't even say how long I lost weight, because starting to lose extra pounds, I wanted to tighten the figure and not just sag. I still try to eat right, play sports, and I can eat a cake with absolutely no problems (a small piece, not half of the cake!).

What's with the plans?

Now my weight is 58 kg (there have been 55 kg) BUT !!! now the body looks more spectacular than when it was 55 kg, since there is more muscle, not fat (note: I do not do bodybuilding and I absolutely do not look like the pumped-up ladies from the pictures, and I am still far from ideal).

There is one good expression by which I try to build my meals: "EAT BREAKFAST YOURSELF, SHARE LUNCH WITH ANOTHER, AND GIVE DINNER TO THE ENEMY."

That's probably all.

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