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Minus 15.9 Kg In 2 Months
Minus 15.9 Kg In 2 Months

Minus 15.9 kg in 2 months

elvish: Lose weight - Lose weight

Hello. On the forum my name is Elvish, and in real life I am Elvina. I am 48 years old.

elvish before weight loss - 73.5 kg
elvish before weight loss - 73.5 kg
elvish after weight loss - 57.6 kg
elvish after weight loss - 57.6 kg

How it all started:

Before starting to lose weight, I weighed 73.5 kg with a height of 170 cm. Not much, it seems. But given the fact that most of the weight was located in the waist area, it all looked terrible, especially in profile, and, worst of all, it seriously interfered with normal breathing. With my sedentary work (I teach at the institute) and an innate dislike for physical activity, the only real way to get rid of the physical and aesthetic problems associated with being overweight was to limit nutrition. As I already wrote, my weight on October 1, 2011, the day from which I began to count the history of my weight loss, was 73.5 kg. But my peak weight in early September was almost 75 kg, which became the starting point of my keen and determined desire to return to a comfortable weight, which I defined for myself as 52-55 kg.Then the desired weight was adjusted upward, and I put 56 kg as the lower limit.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Initially, I wanted to dump all unnecessary things in 1 month. And I was sure that there was nothing so complicated about it, it was enough just to “not eat”. In search of an effective diet, I went for a walk on the Internet and came across the Calorizator forum about 10 days after starting to lose weight. Already full of various information about losing weight and still confident that "do not eat" is the best diet in the world. Culturally speaking, such a weight loss system is usually called "low calorie".

I lost weight on a low-calorie diet successfully for the first couple of weeks, and I said goodbye to the first 5 kilograms quite easily. But the "Calorizator" forum has made serious changes in my serene weight-loss life. First of all, because the forum is dominated by a pronounced negative attitude towards low-calorie in general and towards the participants, its practitioners, in particular.

Attitude towards “low-calorie women” can be defined as harsh benevolent aggression, if such a combination can be imagined at all. Being a person with strong nerves (thanks to the experience of life in general and students in particular) and education sufficient for an independent analysis of the situation (I am a pharmacist, and I teach pharmacology to doctors), I understood with great interest the argumentation and psychological motives of my opponents, but after several unsuccessful attempts to clarify their position, left the discussion. In the end, my task was to lose weight, and not to defend the loyalty of my positions, especially since, in general, I consider a cautious attitude towards low-calorie content to be correct and fully support.

Beginners and women without special education should be cautioned in every possible way against fanatical adherence to a diet of the "do not eat" type for their own good. But at the very beginning of my stay on the forum, the local weight analyzer and the attacks of the opponents of "low calorie" seriously influenced my initial plans and tactics. As I posted, my target weight was raised by 4 kg. But most importantly, I was practically persuaded to raise the calorie content and add physical activity, since without it I will begin to "lose muscle", and if I lose weight on low calories, I practically doom myself to many terrible diseases, life from hand to mouth, or a rapid return of weight to quitting the diet. And in my weight loss there was an extremely undesirable pause, which threatened to end with a depressive exit from the diet. This is how I felt at that momentand now the estimate has not changed either. It was a dangerous moment.

Fortunately, my nervous system passed its little test with dignity. And suddenly the duties of the headman of the Yellow team in the next competition added a couple of millimeters to my armor. Well, who throws a stone at a person who risks his health and loses weight for the sake of the team! Funny logic, but no one has any complaints about losing weight in the team, no matter how much they weigh in a week. Or at least they don't speak out openly. In general, it ended with the fact that I stopped physically loading, but I also stopped starving in general, and so, on the "low calorie" I reached my goal, which unexpectedly came even earlier than I expected. Initially, I set myself the task of losing weight to size 44, but for some reason I was sure that I would have this size with a weight of 52-55 kg.

It turned out that already with a weight of 57.6 kg, my chest and hips fit into size 44, and a few extra centimeters remained at the waist, but it was unreasonable to lose them by losing weight, special exercises in this case are much more effective and safe.

Thus, on December 9, 2011, that is, 70 days after the start of losing weight and exactly 2 months after coming to the forum, I reached the target size 44 (and started from the 50th), while losing 15.9 kg.

The 2 weeks that have passed since that moment have shown that I am able to maintain weight, I am in good physical shape and, thank God, there are no tendencies for uncontrolled fatigue so far. However, I am sure that they do not threaten me. And yet - the state of my gastrointestinal tract inspires me with quiet pride. I began to perfectly tolerate apples, heavy fatty foods - that is, those foods that, before losing weight, caused me serious discomfort.

How to survive the holidays?

Try not to overeat.

Does the Calorizator help?

Did the Calorizator website and forum help me? Definitely yes. The site has a convenient personal section in which you can create and track the menu for every day, taking into account the calorie content and BJU. The forum maintains an atmosphere of very active communication, and, in principle, its content aspect is not so important. Communication with losing weight, in itself, is a sufficient incentive for someone who wants to lose weight and has at least some element of competitive courage in himself. This is to put it officially. And unofficially - girls, well, what are you all super-duper here))) All different and all beautiful. Thank you, I lost weight with you and I will keep the weight with you, and support you, let's all hang out here until we get bored.

What's with the plans?

Maintain what has been achieved.

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