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Video: Как я Похудел на 40 кг за 4 месяца (Не Повторяй Ошибок) 2023, January
Minus 17 Kg In 9 Months
Minus 17 Kg In 9 Months

Minus 17 kg in 9 months

Lenuskin: from a fat duck to a beautiful swan

Hello. My name is Lena, I am 22 years old, height 171, I live in Voronezh.

Lenuskin before weight loss - 92 kg
Lenuskin before weight loss - 92 kg
Lenuskin after weight loss - 75 kg
Lenuskin after weight loss - 75 kg

How it all started:

I never considered myself slim, although some called me skinny until the age of 17. The weight crept up when I met my future husband. I worked as a salesman in a cell phone shop, and there we met. After work, immediately home and until my husband came, quickly had to prepare a meal. So what was being prepared quickly - dumplings, pasta … We had dinner, watched TV and went to sleep. Sometimes the evening ended a little differently - friends came, brought beer, all sorts of harmful delicacies and we sat like that until midnight. Then she quit her job and began to stay at home. So she sailed: lack of sleep, malnutrition and 80 kg on the scales. Before that, there were no scales and I remember my last weight at the age of 16 - it was 57 with an increase of 171 cm.

Who is to blame and what to do?

I decided to take on myself. I began to eat less, play sports. A week has passed and, with my active participation in sports, for some reason, I was weighed in a kilogram. I think something is wrong … I began to study harder and after a few days I weighed myself. The scales showed 81 kg again. I thought maybe the muscles weighed. Everything turned out to be much simpler - I am pregnant. During pregnancy, I gained only 6 kg. But she added, so she added. I went to give birth with a weight of 87.5. She gave birth to a daughter.

I left the hospital and two days later weighed 87 again. My weight got up and neither there, as they say, nor here. A year passed and I realized that it was not comfortable. I was shy in bed with my husband, problems in relationships began. If I hadn't been at home, I would have definitely decided that I was cheating. Although, so I threw up the idea that, they say, I put the child to bed and have fun as much as you want.

I didn’t like the pictures, although I still don’t really like them, because my face doesn’t really strive to lose weight. It was hard to do anything - my back hurt so much that it was painful to walk, my knees also refused to carry such a load on themselves. When I went for a walk with my child, I felt like an ugly hippo. I walked all the time through the woods and was afraid to go out into the alley, I thought how the ugly duckling would be pecked. I didn't want to go outside. Self-esteem was at zero, “moods” were added by some “well-wishers” who said that I had become a real Russian woman, solid and like a mother, who weighs 100 kg all the time. Everything, my patience ran out, I collected the last drops of dignity and rushed into battle.

In the beginning, it was very difficult to beat the cravings for food. Apparently, the habit of seizing stress and free time has developed. How I hated myself for that. Sometimes I wanted to take a knife in my hands and cut off all this superfluous and unnecessary.

Before the new year, I tried to count calories, found a topic in one social network. She somehow didn't join the company, but the idea caught on. And now a week or two or three passes, and the weight, as it was 87 kg, remained. I decided to arrange unloading (I read it there). She pushed and left two kilograms. And I forgot myself for joy: New Year, then birthdays.

I came to my senses when I saw 92 kg. I returned to the topic again, but there was no desire to communicate.

Having found the site Calorizator started its journey.

First, I outlined the exact goals and divided the path into two stages. First, reach 80 kg. I got acquainted with body flex on the Calorizator website, in two months I pulled up my body well. It turned out. it's so warm and cozy here, and most importantly, the support is good. And I managed to make sure of this twice already. First, when the first plateau of 85 kilograms happened. For two weeks I suffered. If it had not been for the warm atmosphere of the forum, it would have been lost. And then she held out and the weight went down again. And now, four months later, she reached 80.4 kg. If not for the breakdowns it happened, I think, much faster.

The breakdowns safely lasted for two days maximum, and sometimes I got up in front of the mirror and looked hatingly at my fats and realized that I could no longer live with them. Half of my friends said that I threw off well, others managed to say that I got better. And things showed that what I was and remained the same. And it was the clothing issue that provoked breakdowns. I thought, here I am trying, trying, but everything has remained as it was. Why am I suffering? It was hard without live support.

Then summer came. Constant trips to the village, trips with friends to barbecues (well, I couldn't deny myself that), two and a half months without counting, plus three kilograms. I was looking forward to meeting with my favorite forum and members of the forum.

In two weeks, she again joined in calorie counting and warm communication. I dropped it again to 80. And a new plateau for three weeks. Thanks to the girls for their support and patience. They withstood my daily nagging. Thanks also to Jerica that she organizes such wonderful contests that personally make me, if not lose weight, keep myself in shape for sure. Connected sports again. And I overcame my barrier, throwing off two kilograms at once. Fortunately, my husband supported me all the way.

How to survive the holidays?

I can’t deny myself something on holidays so far.

Does the Calorizator help?

In search of the calorie content of some product, I stumbled upon a calorizer. She joined the friendly team of losing weight. And my weight went down rapidly. In about two weeks I threw off 5 kilograms. And for some reason I moved away from the site. A month and a half later I realized that it was boring for me to go to the ideal alone and returned to the site. And it went!

What's with the plans?

Now my weight is 75 kg, but my path is not over. Self-esteem still to raise and raise.

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