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Video: Minus 21 Kg In 8 Months

Video: Minus 21 Kg In 8 Months
Video: Как я Похудел на 40 кг за 4 месяца (Не Повторяй Ошибок) 2023, March
Minus 21 Kg In 8 Months
Minus 21 Kg In 8 Months

Minus 21 kg in 8 months

Hello everyone, my nickname on the forum is Katarina_na_pp. I want to share my story of losing weight after hormonal disruption and pregnancy.

How it all began?

Before pregnancy, I always weighed 57-60 kg, but after a hormonal disruption and a course of hormonal drugs, I added ten kilograms in a couple of months. She was already registered with a weight of 71 kg. At first I did not gain much, but after the 30th week, the weight began to grow actively, although I did not eat much. I went to give birth with a weight of 96 kg. A little more and a centner. I left the hospital with a weight of 88 kilograms. I did not feed for long - only a couple of months. It turned out that I was a “beef cow”, not a “cash cow”))) After that, I began to slowly put myself in order.

Minus 21 kg in 8 months
Minus 21 kg in 8 months

Who is to blame and what to do?

My body, therefore, I must also put it in order. I started to lose weight from a weight of 88 kg and reached 67 kg. She removed 10 cm from the waist, chest and hips. Although I lost 21 kg, I managed to capture a difference of 17 kg in the photo.

The husband said that there was no need for more. It took eight months. But then I underwent surgery (postpartum plasty due to muscle prolapse) and, bad luck, I gained three kilograms, and then five more during recovery. While you are recovering from surgery, you need to eat well and you shouldn't go in for sports. But during those eight months I became convinced that proper nutrition and sports give excellent results.

How to survive the holidays?

Easy! Eat right, avoid overeating, and stay physically active.

Does the Calorizator help?

But how! Convenient personal account, many recipes on the site, as well as a large forum where you can get support from like-minded people.

What's with the plans?

Now I continue my path to harmony. I intend to regain prenatal weight and proper nutrition along with sports will help me with this.

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