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Video: Minus 18 Kg In 8 Months

Video: Minus 18 Kg In 8 Months
Video: МОЯ ИСТОРИЯ ПОХУДЕНИЯ / -18 КГ / Интервальное голодание / КОМПЛЕКСЫ 🤯 2023, March
Minus 18 Kg In 8 Months
Minus 18 Kg In 8 Months

Minus 18 kg in 8 months

Leka51: Not a diet, but a way of life !!

Hello! My name is Elena (leka51), I am 51 years old, my height is 172 cm. I am a housewife, a mother of three children and a grandmother of two granddaughters. I live in Crimea.

Leka51 before weight loss - 97 kg
Leka51 before weight loss - 97 kg
Leka51 after weight loss - 79 kg
Leka51 after weight loss - 79 kg

How it all started:

The decision to lose weight came spontaneously. It was last new year, or rather after the holidays. The scales have long been abandoned and hidden in the far corner. On the third of January I decided to clean up and accidentally stumbled upon a scale under the bed, and I think - let me weigh myself! When I saw the figure approaching 100 kg, I didn't feel like doing household chores, I almost burst into tears - it became so offensive. I started looking at pictures where my weight is about 70. And probably here the brains also turned on!

Who is to blame and what to do?

On the same evening, I accidentally came across an article by Lyudmila Siminenko on the Internet (On proper nutrition). I signed up for the course and every day I received a letter from Lyudmila with instructions. And so with her help I began to bounce back. By June, I already weighed 82 kg. Over the summer, I dropped a little more. Now my weight is 79 kg, and was 97 kg.

Now I can't gain weight, although in the summer there was sea and kebabs. The weight stood still. I cannot say that I adhere to a certain diet, I myself have developed what I eat, most importantly, there is little. The meal was divided into 5 times. For lunch, be sure to vegetable soup, a lot of vegetables and meat or fish or cottage cheese. Sometimes you want sweets, I'll eat one or two. The main thing is not to deny yourself anything, so that anger does not appear. But be sure to know when to stop - for me that was the main thing. I pour 2 liters of water into a bottle for a day, my daily norm. Last year I suffered from heartburn, now I have forgotten what it is! Health is improving.

Since August I have been going to fitness, doing every other day for an hour. I like it, although my knees stopped hurting, I couldn't sit down before.

Of course, there were problems with clothes, but these are pleasant problems. There were new things, jackets and coats were sewn. Fortunately, I sew myself.

How to survive the holidays?

But now I dislike the holidays. There were no breakdowns, I hold on, I try not to fill my belly.

Does the Calorizator help?

I'm just recently on the Calorizator site, but it's always at hand, a great helper! Now I am so pleased to go out to people, my acquaintances say it does not go, but writes. The gait has changed, the legs have grown thinner, and it seems they have become even longer. Here is the problem with the belly, there is still a little sticking out. But I won't give up. So far I decided to have a weight of 75 kg. But for now!

What's with the plans?

For the future, I decided not to change anything in my diet, this is already the norm. And before Easter I will again fast for the second time in my life.

Now I firmly know that I can stand it !

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