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Video: Minus 20 Kg In 6 Months

Video: Minus 20 Kg In 6 Months
Video: [ENG]100일동안 -20kg 뺀 다이어트 방법/다이어트 자극/눈바디 비교/다이어트 비법, 꿀팁 공개!/How to lose 20kg weight 2023, March
Minus 20 Kg In 6 Months
Minus 20 Kg In 6 Months

Minus 20 kg in 6 months

Minus 20 kg in 6 months
Minus 20 kg in 6 months

How it all started:

I've always been a fat woman. I started to lose weight on 2012-01-09 from 85 kg. Something just broke and made up my mind. And there was also a reason, I got very sick, there was no appetite. And I realized that I can eat less).

Who is to blame and what to do:

I started counting calories, maximum 1200, and that did not always work out. More often there were 800-1000 calories per day.

For breakfast I ate oatmeal, lunch chicken with vegetables, or light soup.

Minus 20 kg in 6 months
Minus 20 kg in 6 months

For dinner until 6 pm vegetables or yogurt. Eliminated mayonnaise, flour, fried and sweet. Refused alcohol. Only semi-dry wine on weekends a couple of glasses. And I haven't drank it before, only dessert and semi-sweet ones, but now I can't drink them at all, it seems terribly simple so sweet!

For the first month it took 7 kg! I tried to do light workouts such as swinging my legs, arms and all that. As a result, I was 70 kg to NG. At that time, the goal was at least 65 kg.

Does the Calorizator help?

I am writing a blog on Calorizator, I will be glad to new friends and now I need support!

What's with the plans?

Now I am 65-67 with a height of 164 cm, the weight jumps. Here I keep it with NG, but I want 55! I can't take something in my hands … But now I decided to count again, I want to weigh 55 kg to NG) My new goal!

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