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Video: Minus 23 Kg In 6 Months

Video: Minus 23 Kg In 6 Months
Video: Как я Похудел на 40 кг за 4 месяца (Не Повторяй Ошибок) 2023, March
Minus 23 Kg In 6 Months
Minus 23 Kg In 6 Months

Minus 23 kg in 6 months

Minus 23 kg in 6 months
Minus 23 kg in 6 months

Hello. My name is psiheya22, my height is 164 and I have already been able to lose weight from 78 kg to 55 kg. And this is not the limit!

How it all started:

With my height of 164 cm, I used to weigh 55 kg, after giving birth I gained up to 65 kg, I was disgusting to myself. I tried a bunch of all kinds of diets, expecting quick results, but due to neuroses (with them I grind everything like a meat grinder) and addiction to sweets and starchy foods, I constantly broke down, so 4 years have passed and I eventually gained 78.

Who is to blame and what to do:

The shopping trip was a pain, everything I liked was small. In the spring of 2012 I went to an endocrinologist, she said that my metabolism is disturbed and if I give up sweets and starchy foods, eat according to the regimen and count calories, then in 3-4 months it is quite possible for me to return my 55 kg.

She also said that since I really love sweets, you can eat 1-2 marmalade per day, or marshmallows - 1 pc., Or dark chocolate (so that there is as much cocoa content as possible) - 2-4 slices.

And so I started …

Calorie counting seemed difficult at first, but then I realized that everything is simple. But again, somehow everything did not go as well as we would like, I still broke down, but over the summer I threw off 10 kg.

Then in the fall, after a portion of stress, I gained 8 kg in a month and a half. And then something turned over in my head! Why did I lose weight? It's time to change for the winter, I do not want to buy clothes of 48-50 sizes, I want 42 as before, I want to wear what I like, not what suits me. Others can lose weight than I am worse. I told myself STOP!

December 5, 2012 I started !!!

The BREAKFAST was always the same: coffee without sugar and 2 wedges of dark chocolate. And so for 4 months. Now I don't understand how you can drink it with sugar, it's so cloying …

LUNCH: for the first one must be 150 grams of vegetable soup with sour cream, or chicken broth. Instead of bread, cheese or cucumber. For the second - boiled chicken fillet or liver + omelette or salad or buckwheat porridge, etc.). Instead of black tea with sugar - a large glass of green tea without sugar. For tea instead of sweets, cookies or pastries - fruits!

DINNER was basically like lunch.

For 4 months -15 kg, while I did not starve, as many believed, I did not go in for sports, I tried, of course, but my mother was too lazy … I just counted calories, ate according to the regimen, did not overeat.

Of course, the first week was hard, I had to go to bed early realizing that I could break loose. If between meals I wanted to "grind off" something - I drank a glass of water at room temperature, maybe with lemon. She completely excluded flour, alcohol (although she rarely drank, but at the same time there was a wild appetite in the process and after), potatoes (only a little bit in soup), cereals (except for buckwheat). In the New Year, for the sake of appearance, a little "nibbled".

In the spring, I changed my sedentary job to a walking one, the calories consumed were not enough, I quickly got tired and hunger appeared faster. Then for breakfast (due to problems with blood pressure) I replaced coffee with chicory, with the addition of milk + marshmallows. At lunchtime for tea I could afford a bun or cake. By the summer, another -8 kg. HERE I RETURNED MY WEIGHT 55KG !!!

How to survive the holidays?

On New Years, just pretend to eat, chew slowly, and take your time. This will help you eat longer, get full faster, and eat less.

Does the Calorizator help?

I always looked at the calorie content of products on this site, but I registered on the forum only recently.

What's with the plans?

I left work, because there was not enough decent time to devote to the child and now I gained 5 kg again. Now I have set myself a goal to lose weight up to 50 kg by October 20, because 55 kg didn't suit me very much.

And my little advice to you: eat everything, but in moderation. After all, the most important thing is precisely the measure!

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