Minus 23 Kg In 15 Months

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Minus 23 Kg In 15 Months
Minus 23 Kg In 15 Months

Video: Minus 23 Kg In 15 Months

Video: Minus 23 Kg In 15 Months
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Minus 23 kg in 15 months

Zanoza_yaa: the main thing is to strive and go towards your goal

I decided to lay out my story of successful weight loss. My nickname on the forum is Zanoza_yaa, and, in general, my name is Marina. Height 1.63, age - 23 years. I work as a biology teacher in a gymnasium.

Zanoza_yaa before losing weight
Zanoza_yaa before losing weight
Zanoza_yaa after losing weight
Zanoza_yaa after losing weight

How it all started:

How did I come to the decision to lose weight? Just getting on the scales about 1.5 years ago, I was horrified by the figure I saw. It all seemed to me that I was not that fat. But one day I saw myself in a photograph and was horrified: am I really so fat, a question arose. From the photo, a carcass was looking at me, weighing about 78 kg.

Who is to blame and what to do?

During the years of study at the university, I completely neglected myself. I want to say that I have never been thin. I was even registered. There was obesity of the 1st degree. But it was gradually removed, since I lost weight (this is still in my teens). After school, studies began at the university. I remember a period when I used all sorts of nasty things like sneakers, chips, soda, etc. almost every day. And there was also little movement. You come, eat and teach while sitting or lying down. In general, the jump in weight was inevitable, or rather natural.

I decided to lose weight closer to an important event in my life. The wedding was coming. My initial weight at that time was about 78 kg. I can't say for sure, because the scales were mechanical. Before the wedding, I lost about 6 kg. Those. she pulled herself together somewhere in April-May 2011. For 1-1.5 months I lost the first 6 kg. After the wedding, she gradually began to dump.

How did you fold? Was limited a little in food, stopped eating after 18 hours. I lost weight up to 68 kg. During this period, she did a little body flex, but not for long. By June of this year, I already weighed 65 kg. In June, she decided to firmly take on weight loss.

So, on June 7, I began my path to harmony. The weight was around 65 kg. I purchased an electronic scale to see the results. For a more convenient determination of the weight of products, I also purchased a kitchen scale, which determined the weight of products to grams. Initially, the weight of the products was determined by eye. In addition to limiting the "eaten" calories, I resumed body flex exercises. I did it every day. Skipping only occasionally, when it was simply not possible to do the exercises. As for the breakdowns, I want to say that there were none, thank God. Initially, I wanted sweets and something to eat, but I overcame myself. Redesigned my wrong food intake. I used to eat a lot and rarely. I began to eat food in small portions and often.

The motivation was as follows - to lose weight and please yourself, your reflection in the mirror.

The nutrition system has changed, I realized that I can achieve everything with a great desire.

Does the Calorizator help?

I learned that you can lose weight by counting calories from a friend who herself lost 15 kg by counting calories. I decided to count too. I was too lazy to count the "eaten" calories in different foods. I came across a site where you could easily calculate everything. But soon I had to leave this site - the products that were in the database were not enough, it was inconvenient. Then I came across this wonderful Calorizator site, which not only contains a huge database of products, but you can easily enter your own. I liked that you can count calories in dishes, track your weight, and many more handy things.

How to survive the holidays?

Getting through a vacation is even harder than a holiday. In July this year, we went to rest at the sea. A vacation is a vacation, and I wanted to enjoy it. During my vacation, I ate whatever my heart desires. I just tried not to eat 4 hours before bedtime. We also walked a lot. Coming from vacation, I even lost 0.5 kg. After the vacation, I began to stick to calorie counting again. Of course, during the period of my proper nutrition, there were also holidays. I am a living person who just must sometimes allow myself to be weak. On days like this, I allowed myself goodies. But this is for one day. The next day I counted the calories again. In general, I think you just need to drive it into your head that these are not diets, but healthy and proper nutrition, which will only have a good effect on your health.

What's with the plans?

What has changed after losing weight? I stopped being afraid to be photographed, again fell in love with showing up in public (before I even had the mood to meet with someone), my wardrobe was renewed.

Now my weight is 55 kg. Plans to lose weight up to 53 kg.

I want and will strive to maintain weight with the help of proper and healthy nutrition, as well as sports, sports are important. In conclusion, I want to say that there are no pipe dreams.

The main thing is to strive and go towards your goal or dream. You will definitely succeed

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