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Video: Minus 23 Kg In 5 Months

Video: Minus 23 Kg In 5 Months
Video: Как я Похудел на 40 кг за 4 месяца (Не Повторяй Ошибок) 2023, March
Minus 23 Kg In 5 Months
Minus 23 Kg In 5 Months

Minus 23 kg in 5 months

Hello girls! I also decided to tell my extreme weight loss story. My name is Irina, nickname is the same Irina_1985. That is, I was born in 1985, and I am already slightly over thirty. My work can be said to be inactive, I am a lawyer. No, I sometimes cover hundreds of kilometers on duty in a day, but I'm so used to driving all the time (sometimes it's too lazy to walk 200 m to the store). I am a mother, son, he is 4 years old.

How it all began?

I can't say that in life I was thin. With a height of 161 cm, I even weighed 53-54 kg at school. But I never really went on diets. In principle, I felt fine. When she got pregnant, she weighed 55 kg, and as she gave birth, she began to weigh 51 kg altogether. And now someone is gaining weight on maternity leave, and I have a different story. On maternity leave, I constantly hiked with my child 5-6 km a day, plus household chores, etc. There was no time to eat too much - I ate 1 time, maximum 2 times a day.

It was worth going to work in March 2014 and away we go))) I started eating just like a hryundel - I came home from work, ate two Kiev-style cutlets, washed it down with cola. In general, by 2015, from 53 kg, I recovered to 75 kg. Not a single boot was fastened on me, there was absolutely nothing to wear. It was necessary to buy new clothes, since the old one was small. When I went to the store in order to update my wardrobe, in the fitting room I was horrified - only size 50 clothes fit on me, although before I wore size 42, maximum 44. And then I turned around and left the store without buying anything. I was determined that I would not buy myself a single new thing, but in a short time I would make it so that I could fit into my existing set of clothes. So, at the end of July 2015, my weight loss epic began.

Minus 23 kg in 5 months
Minus 23 kg in 5 months

Who is to blame and what to do?

Who is to blame for my excess weight? First, stress - I probably stuck it (I divorced my husband, although I myself was the initiator of this, but still it's stress). And secondly, work - more, oddly enough, free time to devour, to devour, and not to eat.

I registered on the site in August, when I already weighed in the region of 70 kg, from that moment I took up myself seriously. I completely abandoned sweet and starchy foods. I'll make a reservation right away, my diet in general is unlikely to be approved by medicine. I didn't look for any diets on websites or in books - I just went on a whim, did as I saw fit.

From physical activity, the first thing I did was to walk up the stairs every day. I live in a nine-story building, and with or without reason I climbed to the 9th floor five times in a row. It was insanely hard at first. Then I added jogging - 4 days a week for 4 km on the waterfront. Later, workouts at home were added to them - she began to push-ups, pump the press and squat.

After two weeks, I could do 100 repetitions on the press at a time, the same amount of squats and push-ups. I myself did not notice how in October, already without difficulty, with huge bags from Auchan, in three passes I transferred all purchases from the car to the seventh floor on foot (and this is 10 kg of load at a time). I shop once a week, so the weight turns out to be decent - about 30 kg, and it's not just food.

I ate little. At the beginning of the diet, I drank a liter of Ayran or Tan during the day, they are the least high-calorie, and for dinner I ate several slices of watermelon, a couple of apples, 100 grams of cottage cheese and 100 grams of chicken breast or veal. Sometimes the meat was replaced with tilapia or shrimp. Sometimes she boiled chicken hearts or stomachs. I drank coffee and tea without sugar. But fruits, apples, watermelon, oranges, pomegranates, grapefruits or grapes in the evenings, I ate in unlimited quantities. It’s wrong to eat up at night, but I can’t sleep if I’m even a little hungry, and during the day I don’t think about food at all.

In November 2015 I weighed about 54 kg, and in January - 51.5 kg. Now I do push-ups 150 times with my son sitting on my back (he weighs 22 kg), I squat with my son on my shoulders and easily fly to the seventh floor even on stiletto heels on the stairs.

Anyone who says that this is all wrong will disagree. I am after a difficult cesarean, and my stitches have diverged more than once. But I was able to overcome the pain from the sprained adhesions in the abdominal cavity with increasing physical activity and now I am much stronger than a couple of years ago. I drink multivitamins periodically. But! I never drank any pills or teas for weight loss. And then I realized that everything is in our power, everything is in our hands. Now I, without hesitation, can put on a mini skirt, boots, boots, I feel like 22.

Probably, I so want to be attractive that there are no breakdowns as such. Since July 2015, I have never eaten chocolate, flour and other sweets. Never! If I gain weight, then from the passion for cottage cheese, I really love it. And I can eat half a kilogram in a day. And I also really like salty - caviar, herring, cabbage, cucumbers. And now I am prone to edema, my weight is usually now due to salty and gains - water is retained. But it is worth two days to sit on celery with Jerusalem artichoke, as these kilograms go away. For 2 days now it took 1.5 kg. For two days I ate celery, Jerusalem artichoke and fruit with chicken breast.

Minus 23 kg in 5 months
Minus 23 kg in 5 months

How to survive the holidays?

On holidays, I relax, so I can gain up to 2.5 kg. Last time it was exactly like that, I put on weight to 54 kg. But after a couple of days of increased loads, she already weighed 53 kg.

Does the Calorizator help?

The Calorizator helped me a lot at the beginning. There is an excellent food analyzer here. And I always knew how many calories I ate. Basically, for all the time, the maximum per day I ate 800 kcal, and the minimum seems to be 217 kcal per day. At the same time, I did not torment myself with hunger - I ate cucumbers, celery. They have the very minimum - 12-15 kcal.

What's with the plans?

I plan to lose weight up to 49 kg, but I do not set a hard goal. I am quite satisfied with 51-52 kg. And they suit my husband too.

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