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Video: Minus 25 Kg In 1 Year
Video: Как похудеть?!!Минус 25 кг!!! Алкоголь, питание, мотивация!!!Моя история похудения!!! 2023, February
Minus 25 Kg In 1 Year
Minus 25 Kg In 1 Year

Minus 25 kg in 1 year

How it all started:

I started to recruit when we moved from Kamchatka. I just ate and as a result gradually gained up to 80 kg. Then she moved to Moscow and met her husband, a cafe, etc. The total is 85 kg.

Minus 25 kg in 4 months
Minus 25 kg in 4 months

Who is to blame and what to do:

I read Aleena Carr, dropped to 74 kg. She got pregnant, but 74 kg also came out of the hospital. And then it began: stress, no milk, the child in the hospital … 90 kg!

The fact that I was huge did not realize, it seemed that everything was normal.

The moment came when I approached my husband and said: “Either we are doing something, or I am hanging myself. I can’t be like that anymore and I don’t know what to wear”.

I went to Bormental, where they told and showed everything, gave a push and brainwashed.

Now I already understand that not everything was right there, but the push was powerful and I managed to gradually, counting calories, lose 25 kg.

How to survive the holidays?

Holidays are still a difficult period for me. I try to control my meals during the holidays so as not to gain weight. I do not scold myself. This is a normal process when a person relaxes. It is impossible to control yourself all your life. But, my goal is always in my head and I will achieve it, so I firmly know that I will start counting again, slowly get back on track and continue the process of losing weight. Therefore, I am calm and do not seize stress over and over again.

Minus 25 kg in 4 months
Minus 25 kg in 4 months

Does the Calorizator help?

The calorizer helps a lot, I use it to the fullest: I count calories, I use it, I introduce my dishes, I communicate on the forum, where I get great support.

This site gives me the most important thing - motivation, without which the process of losing weight is impossible.

What's with the plans?

I do not stop at this, I am looking for new motivation to achieve the coveted figure. I understand perfectly well that this is for life - control and proper nutrition. I don't scold myself for failures, the next day I continue and go to the goal.

I wish you all success and excellent results

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