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Video: Minus 24.3 Kg In 7 Months

Video: Minus 24.3 Kg In 7 Months
Video: HOW TO LOSE 5KG IN A MONTH | What I (really) Eat ☆ 2023, March
Minus 24.3 Kg In 7 Months
Minus 24.3 Kg In 7 Months

Minus 24.3 kg in 7 months

Mashko: Slim is a new lifestyle or being fat is not fashionable

Hello! My name is Masha, I was born in 1987. I live in Slavutich, Kiev region.

Mashko before losing weight - 90 kg
Mashko before losing weight - 90 kg
Mashko after losing weight - 65.7 kg
Mashko after losing weight - 65.7 kg

How it all started:

As a child, I was not fat. We lived poorly, it so happened that I was raised and raised by one mother, and her minimum wage (in Ukraine) was barely enough for two of us for inexpensive clothes and simple food. Porridge, bread, sunflower oil, cheap tea. I ate little and badly, monotonously. We could not afford fruit, I saw chicken only for the New Year. I didn't suffer much, as for me it was the norm. I guess that's when I killed my metabolism …

In 2004 she graduated from high school. By that time, the salary situation in the country had improved somewhat, plus I went to work, some money appeared in the family. I began to allow myself to eat delicious (and harmful) and, naturally, began to gain weight.

At first I was even happy about it - I finally had breasts. Then I fell in love and, as often happens, my first pancake came out lumpy. I had a very difficult relationship with Dima (he simply used me, although I did not notice it, so I was blinded by love). In one of our last meetings, he told me that he liked thin ones, and that it would not hurt me to lose 5-10 kg (I then weighed 74 kg with a height of 174 cm). I was terribly upset … Stupid, I told myself God the news of what nasty things about my appearance. The only plus is that I then decided to break up with him forever. But the sediment remained …

In my dreams, I passed him all such a slender sexy beauty. Inaccessible, like the bottom of the Mariana Trench … That is, I wanted to lose weight, just to wipe Dimka's nose. But in reality, she seized stress with sausages and chocolates, every day becoming further and further from her "dream". And at the same time, I found a lot of excuses for myself, they say, "I like myself and this is how I like it," "there should be a lot of good people," and so on, but in fact, I just lied to myself.

Finally, I looked the truth in the face - I'm fat. I'm disgusted with myself. I hated my reflection in the mirror. Depression. Antidepressants …

Who is to blame and what to do?

One fine day or not (I don't remember) I got tired of it. And I started looking for a way to change the situation. I was on different diets. She was starving. I even ordered some stupid weight loss patch in the mail. Nefiga did not help. That is, I dropped 5 kg, and gained 7. Then I dropped 7, and gained 9. But I could not starve all the time, especially since with gastritis not to eat at night was simply beyond my strength. Vicious circle. Bottom line: 174 cm in height, 22 years old and weight 90 kg, BMI 30 - obesity. DESPAIR.

The year 2008 began … I somehow resigned myself. I was convinced that fat people live and are even happy. And I had a complex against the background of the fact that my personal life did not develop in any way. Well, it happens … and it's good, I decided and calmed down. I quit smoking (smoked for 4 years). I just got tired of being addicted to a habit. It turned out surprisingly easy, and I thought that maybe I just have a habit of eating a lot, so I'm fat?

While I was thinking in this direction, in October 2008 I met Sasha on the Internet. It somehow unexpectedly coincided with the image of an ideal man that I once drew for myself. The fact is that my sister is a psychologist. I once complained to her that I just couldn't meet a guy I liked. She advised me to describe on paper my ideal man in the smallest detail, fold this sheet and put it in a secluded corner. I remembered this leaflet when Sasha and I had already met for a couple of months. Unfolded and gasped. Everything I wrote coincided. Up to eye color and favorite music … mysticism. He fell in love with me for who I am (that is, I was). With all my extra pounds. He was (and remains) very considerate, kind and empathetic towards me. Then I thoughtthat such a guy is worthy of my efforts and worthy of a girl who takes care of herself. And then I decided on a decisive breakthrough. Love really inspires!

I bought some literature about proper nutrition, studied it, and made conclusions. To begin with, it was necessary to decide with what purpose I would lose weight. So, I decided that I would not lose weight in order to please someone, but in order to have a healthy, hardy body (after all, I climbed to the 6th floor with difficulty and great shortness of breath) and to please myself. After all, how can someone love you if you don't love yourself?

I went through examinations to find out what health problems I have. Improved health. I cleaned the body, began to eat right, but the weight did not go away. I wondered what I was doing wrong. Then I remembered about such a thing as metabolism. Apparently, due to poor nutrition in childhood, it slowed down a lot.

I started looking for ways to speed it up. I found out that one of the ways is to play sports. However, I am not an athletic girl and all these fitness gave me attacks of death melancholy. The maximum was enough for me to charge. The search continued. Through friends, I found a product to improve the metabolism of American production (it is produced for the domestic American market). It is used as a sports nutrition. The product is expensive, but I made up my mind. It was described so convincingly that I decided to give it a try.

As they explained to me, this product, let it be XX:

1. Accelerates metabolism (OM)

2. Prevents fat deposition

3. Promotes the breakdown of body fat

4. Gives extra energy

5. Removes lactic acid from muscles (DOMS)

6. Lymphatic drainage

7. Mildly reduces appetite

If this does not help, I decided, it means that nothing will help me, I will spit on everything and I will be as I am.

The beginning is the product (it is in the form of a gel, quite tasty, reminiscent of children's vitamins). The price of the product has become a great motivation for me - don't waste your money? And I started a forced attack on my fat.

I calculated the ideal weight - 66 kg, the amount of extra kg - 24. I decided that this is a lot, and concluded that I just can't do with a diet, that I need a nutrition system that I can adhere to for a long time, or maybe all my life. I shoveled half of the Internet and chose the Shelton Separate Meals system, it seemed to me the most convenient. Plus, I calculated the calorie intake. Since the product required physical exercise for greater effect, I began to do light exercises in the morning and swing the press. And - oh, miracle! - exercise began to bring me joy. The product really gave energy, and if there was, it was weak. All in all, here's my program:

Exercise + press in the morning 50 times

Meals according to Shelton. Fractional - 4-5 times a day + XX to accelerate OS and normalize digestion. My calorie corridor is 1300 - 1650 kcal per day (Proteins 97.4 -100 g, Fats 21 g, Carbohydrates 146.25 g - I have already calculated this recently, but it's better to do it right away). Drinking regimen - 30 ml of water per kg of weight. After 19.00 the mouth is locked, you can only tea or something protein and non-nutritive. Press in the evening 50 times, walk the stairs to the 6th floor.

Sports must be added without fail, at least a little. During physical exertion, our body produces the substance L-Carnitine, which is very conducive to weight loss.

Bottom line - in 6 months I became 20 kg lighter, then gradually dropped a couple more, my minimum weight was 64.5 kg. But I couldn't keep him. She returned to 67 kg.

If you knew what a euphoria it is - when you go into any store or boutique with clothes, and ANYONE has a size for you, when you are not ashamed to pull back the curtain in the fitting room, pull up a T-shirt and half-show how awesome jeans from the last one fit on you collections! I looked at myself in the mirror and was just dumbfounded by how I looked.

Summer 2011 came. The weight was holding up well and I relaxed. I allowed myself barbecues in nature, plus numerous birthdays of friends and relatives … Light and spacious summer clothes did not contribute to weight control in any way. She relaxed to the point that she gained and began to weigh 73.3 kg (this was in September 2011). I discovered this when I could not fit into the jeans that I was wearing loosely last fall. In principle, for me this is a normal weight, but no longer comfortable.

Now she took up herself again. At the moment my goal is 62 kg. I eat Shelton. I count calories (1300 - 1500 kcal per day), I try to eat fruits and vegetables in the morning. After 19.00 only tea, well, maybe with dietary bread, if absolutely unbearable. Or a spoonful of cottage cheese. For breakfast, be sure to protein (cottage cheese, or buckwheat, well, in general, you yourself know where there is protein).

How to survive the holidays?

Holidays are a trap for me. As the saying goes, appetite comes with eating. So I ate everything that I saw before. I often had breakdowns, a breakdown, in my opinion, is the result of errors in nutrition. I found my mistake - it is unloading. After them, I usually fell out. I stopped doing unloading and everything became fine. And I decided to deal with gains by another method - to analyze the BZHU. If the weight gain is today, it means that yesterday I screwed up the nutrition. I climbed into my diary and looked for mistakes.

Does the Calorizator help?

The Calorizator website helped a lot in the analysis, I learned a lot here, and counting BJU, and calories. There are very convenient analyzers here, I don't know how I would have coped with the calculations without them! And the girls here are friendly, support, praise for their successes, give a pendel when necessary.

At the forum, I learned a lot about different power systems, I took from them what suited me personally, and having assembled different systems, I made my own personal one, on which I intend to sit for the rest of my life, since eating on it, I get all the most useful and necessary.

I learned to FEED my body with what it needs. And the body thanked me for it. Strong nails, gorgeous hair, stamina - well worth it!

I learned to listen to myself. Not without the help of girls from the forum.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took direct or mediocre participation in the process - I was able to do this with YOUR help and support !!

What's with the plans?

I want to reach 62 kg in the spring. There is no desire to torture yourself and fit into any time frame. Unless for the new Year I would like to have 64 - 64.5 kg.

Today I weigh 65.7 kg. People ask me how I did it, and many people don't recognize on the street - I have changed so much. I have changed not only in the weight and shape of my body, I have revised my view of nutrition, began to eat in order to live, and not vice versa.

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