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Video: Minus 28 Kg In 4 Months

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Video: My Weight Loss Journey : How I Lost 41 Kilos In 4 Months | Fat To Fit | Fit Tak 2023, January
Minus 28 Kg In 4 Months
Minus 28 Kg In 4 Months

Minus 28 kg in 4 months

Monkey77: The road will be mastered by the walking …

My name is Olga (Monkey77), I am 43 years old, my height is 172 cm. I work as a mother and grandmother. I live in the Ural region, in the city of Zlatoust.

Monkey77 before weight loss - 124 kg
Monkey77 before weight loss - 124 kg
Monkey77 after weight loss - 96 kg
Monkey77 after weight loss - 96 kg

How it all started:

In the spring I decided that I was no longer in danger of losing weight, and all the fairy tales about losing weight are not about me. The scales were hidden far upstairs, as my beloved granddaughter sorts out all the equipment and safely breaks it. So I haven't weighed myself for two years. In May, the scales fell into my hands and oh, horror on the scales, the weight was 124 kg.

Who is to blame and what to do?

What to do? I started looking for a long-term diet. Our beloved internet put me on an egg diet. Since May 16, 2011 I have become addicted to this diet and honestly sat on it for a month. The results in the first weeks were simply stunning. The weight began to decrease. June - 116 kg, July - 109 kg. I wanted to connect the charger. Again, with the help of the Internet, I picked up body flex exercises, but Oksisize got caught. Since July I have been doing oxisize and periodically get on a diet. August - 105 kg. In August, a pool was added three times a week in the morning at 7-00. In the beginning it was very difficult to get up in the morning, but then the whole day such a charge of vivacity. Therefore the motto is "Get up and walk." You have to get up very early to exercise and run to the pool. Now I have given rest to the body. But I continue to do exercises and visit the pool. I changed things in the wardrobethe old ones began to hang out. I lost weight in 4 months.

How to survive the holidays?

Of course, like everyone else, there are holidays and spree. But there are wonderful fasting days.

Does the Calorizator help?

I got to the site recently. I liked the personal page and the calculations very much. Therefore, for now, they help me maintain the weight, but in the future they will help me in the next snatch.

What's with the plans?

Next, I want to make a new leap up to 70 kg. New motto: There is no limit to perfection. Now my weight is 96 kg, and was 124 kg. My dream is 70 kg.

Now I'm trying to keep my weight at the same level. So far, the volumes are leaving, so I continue to do physical education.

The road will be mastered by the walking one. Get up and walk forward to your dream, to a new image, to a free and successful life. And you will feel renewed.

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