Minus 30 Kg In 3 Months

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Minus 30 Kg In 3 Months
Minus 30 Kg In 3 Months

Video: Minus 30 Kg In 3 Months

Video: Minus 30 Kg In 3 Months
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Minus 30 kg in 3 months

sunnymillenium: The impossible is possible

Hello! My nickname is on the sunnymillenium forum. I want to tell the story of my weight loss. Maybe someone won't repeat my mistakes. My name is Svetlana, I'm 27 years old, height 174, now my weight is 64 kg.

sunnymillenium before weight loss
sunnymillenium before weight loss
sunnymillenium after weight loss
sunnymillenium after weight loss

How it all started:

I have always been full for as long as I can remember. The first decision to lose weight came at the age of 15, then it was fashionable not to eat after 18 hours, which I did. She lost a lot of weight, kept her weight for about two years, until she entered college and went to work. Second wave

losing weight covered me at the age of 20, limited myself in nutrition, again did not eat after 18 hours and again lost weight to 69 kg. Then a diploma, problems at work, quit her job, sat at home and devoured herself to obscenity. I don't even know how much I weighed then, because it was scary to get on the scales. At the age of 25, I decided that something needed to be changed in life, received a card to the gym as a gift, and began to train with the instructor personally. I didn't lose a lot, as I continued to eat, as before, my body just tightened up. Then I weighed 95 kg. By the end of 2010, I was so tired of fighting overweight that, out of despair for the New Year, I made a desire to "lose 20 kg at any cost." She was a fool, yes)) I started having health problems … It turned out that during periods of hunger strike I collected stones in my bile duct. In June 2011, I weighed 92 kg,from the same month she followed the diet of table number 5. In July I already weighed 80 kg, in August - 74, by October 1 - 67. Before the New Year the weight was 64 kg. In general, I continue to go to the gym, but, of course, during the period of exacerbation, I did not play sports before / after the operation. I returned to the gym only in October, immediately for dances, functional and tai bo. And when sports were banned, I just put on sneakers and walked for two hours at a moderate pace.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Now I already adhere to diet 1a, I don't go to the gym yet, but I will return as soon as possible. While doing my favorite walking - on the treadmill, just along the road, up the stairs …

Meals - 5 times a day, no snacks. No fatty, fried, spicy, pickled. Basically: cereals, grated meat, cereals, bread, cheese, baby puree, baked apples, bananas, cottage cheese, honey. In general, pure cottage cheese is not recommended, but it's too lazy to make casseroles every day, but I love cottage cheese. By the way, I drink food. There was a period when I did not drink water after eating, nothing good came of it.

How to survive the holidays?

I had my first New Year with cottage cheese and mineral water without gas. It was an interesting experience, but it's not scary. That is, how to treat it, of course. I was quite comfortable. For my birthday I allowed myself a piece of cake, Easter cake. In half a year, I still gained weight, because I switched to another job and my lifestyle changed. In July 2012, I weighed 69, then went to the hospital with a stomach ulcer (I decided to arrange a fasting day for myself on fermented baked milk and berries). And now I weigh my 64 kg.

Does the Calorizator help?

I turn to Calorizator during periods of remission, when I expand the range of products, allow something extra. I try not to go beyond 1300-1500 kilocalories (1500 kcal - if I have a gym that day).

What's with the plans?

So, a year has passed. I can say that I gained confidence in myself, my back straightened, my shoulders straightened. I began to love going shopping, choosing clothes, shoes, etc., looking at myself in the mirror, taking pictures. I began to choose bright clothes, began to smile more. In short, I fell in love with myself! Although, I will make a reservation that I did not lose weight quite as I would like.

The plans: to hold this weight for now, but by the end of the year to reach 60 kg. Stop and live at that weight. I will adhere to the 1st medical table, and if there are no exacerbations, I will sometimes give myself some indulgence in the form of a piece of pie. I will continue to go to the gym. I recommend everyone to go to Tai Bo and Zumba, but this is for those who need to put their irrepressible energy somewhere. Just Pilates, Callanetics, Yoga is not for me. I need movement!

And yet, the main thing is nutrition. It took me a long time to understand this, I hope that my story will help others not to repeat my mistakes

Author: sunnymillenium (specially for Calorizator.ru)

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