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Video: Minus 25 Kg In 4 Months

Video: Minus 25 Kg In 4 Months
Video: My Weight Loss Journey : How I Lost 41 Kilos In 4 Months | Fat To Fit | Fit Tak 2023, June
Minus 25 Kg In 4 Months
Minus 25 Kg In 4 Months

Minus 25 kg in 4 months

Jerica: half way done

Hello! My name is Irina, I am 36 years old, height 172 cm, weight "before" - 108 kg, weight "after" - 83 kg. That is, minus 25 kg.

jerica before weight loss - 108 kg
jerica before weight loss - 108 kg
jerica after weight loss - 88 kg
jerica after weight loss - 88 kg

How it all started:

So, my story is banal and begins also banal - I was always plump and loved to eat. As a child, she looked like a pink pig with pink cheeks.

I will not bore you with problems that were no stranger to me, like all fat girls, especially in school years (this is low self-esteem and lack of attention on the one hand, and immediately excessive attention to completeness on the other). At the age of 25, I realized that it was impossible to go on like this, because in hot summer weather it became difficult for me to walk, I became disabled … It was then that I took up myself for the first time and successfully lost 24 kg on separate meals and walking. But time passed, and more specifically, 10 years passed and I gained weight again. Cause? I relaxed on the one hand, I thought that once I hadn't typed in 10 years, it means everything is in order … But … flour, coupled with lack of sleep (I slept only 4-5 hours a day because of work), made itself felt - I weigh 108 kg.

And from the moment I realized for the second time that it was time to pull myself together again and my new life started with the Calorizator website.

Who is to blame and what to do?

The covered half of my journey took 4 months and 25 kg of excess weight. I just started eating right, counting calories and walking more, since my weight did not allow me to go to fitness classes.

You will say that "proper nutrition" is too abstract … and you will be right! What exactly was in my diet? In the morning, it was scrambled or boiled eggs, coffee, a piece of bread with cheese, or just a piece of cheese. In general, for breakfast I even allowed myself chocolate and starchy foods sometimes, because I think that everything eaten before 12 noon will burn! Further at work, I made a snack before lunch (usually I ate some kind of fruit). For lunch, I took chicken breast with me or ate oatmeal or cottage cheese. In general, what was in the store if I didn't take anything with me. Before leaving work home, I again had a snack of yogurt or nuts. In the evening there was dinner until 19 o'clock in the form of a large salad plate with chicken breast or fish. During the day I drank water and green tea. I walked to and from work for 20-30 minutes at a brisk pace. I triedso that my diet was 1200-1500 kcal and the mandatory consumption of calories for 200-500 kcal (walking from work to work or just taking a walk in the evening).

So in the first month it took 10 kg. In the second month, I was already able to go to the fitness room 2-3 times a week and continued to eat the same way, sometimes arranging unloading mono days and loading holidays for myself. Where are we without feasts? Only after them did I definitely do unloading and planned such days in advance. So in the second month it took another 8 kg, and then in 2 months it took another 7 kg.

jerica -108 kg
jerica -108 kg
jerica - 83 kg
jerica - 83 kg

Having dropped 25 kg, I already like myself, I became more confident in myself. My hair and skin improved, and most importantly, my state of health improved - I began to "fly". The difference was something like this:

The weight held on, as I continued to monitor my diet, although not so strictly. Now in my piggy bank lies the dropped 20 kg, since 2 years ago I pulled myself together and quit smoking. This event brought me back a little extra weight, just because I felt a little sorry for myself and seized my cravings for cigarettes with candies and food. I absolutely do not regret it, even with the increase in weight, and I am only happy! Now the weight no longer increases and stands still, the body is still getting used to it.

How to survive the holidays?

Holidays must be planned in advance. After the holidays, it is better to arrange a discharge or a mono-day. Then the eaten will not have time to be deposited and will leave. The main thing is not to celebrate several days in a row.

Does the Calorizator help?

I owe my weight loss to the Calorizator website. It was he who helped me with the analyzer when counting calories, supporting members of the forum. When the motivation was lost, the girls were happy to prescribe Pendelin and he helped! In general, thank you all for your support! And be sure to try, start and act! You will definitely succeed). You have no idea how much your self-esteem will increase and how great it will be to throw it all off!

What's with the plans?

Half of the way is covered, which means that the second half of the way will also be conquered. Now I know for sure that I will go all the way in 40 kg completely and throw off the remaining 20 kg!

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