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Video: Minus 38 Kg In 2 Years

Video: Minus 38 Kg In 2 Years
Video: ГАЛЯ МИНУС 38 КГ 2023, March
Minus 38 Kg In 2 Years
Minus 38 Kg In 2 Years

Minus 38 kg in 2 years

holycats: Lose Weight on Optimism

Hey. My name is Catherine. I am 27 years old and I am from Yaroslavl. I am a rare guest here on the forum - more and more I count calories and read articles. So I decided to share my story … well, I don't know why. Probably to share. You can't talk to my friends about this, for some reason all of them are unpleasant about this topic, or maybe because the topic of weight adjustment scares them. I think everyone was scared when one wonderful day it came to mind: “Well, hello, mirror. Libra already knows that everything is in fat, but you just now realized! " And justifications do not work any more, suggestion does not work, that you cannot deny yourself anything and in general, you have to live as you like, i.e. as more convenient and most importantly so that efforts are not required. Laziness mother.

holycats before weight loss - 111 kg
holycats before weight loss - 111 kg
holycats after weight loss - 73 kg
holycats after weight loss - 73 kg

How it all started:

I've never been a skinny girl with well-defined cheekbones and fragile collarbones. In my youth, it was a little embarrassing, especially against the background of thin peers, but it did not bother, no. I always knew that I was smart, beautiful and generally a very nice character. Actually, this is how it was, until one day, I realized that I was left all alone. Apart from my parents and a terrible depression, I have nothing left. The groom considered it necessary to leave, his friends with their love of life were simply turned up. The only joy … well, what … gluttony and a computer - soap and a stranglehold for health and shape. Self-disgust, an even greater desire to seize it all … to sit out. Brrr …

In general, I do not even know whether to blame the fact that I spent days and nights alone at the monitor, eating chips, or to thank. Because playing online games, as it turned out, I forged my own happy future. It just so happened that while killing all kinds of underground evil spirits, I met my future Dutch husband. He healed my broken heart, after the departure of the groom, then still, being just a friend. And then … well, how does it happen, the word there - the word here. Here is my unfortunate head and got lost. At the same time, along with falling in love, came the desire to change. Cardinally. Change your attitude towards yourself, towards the world, towards your body. This carcass did not suit me anymore. This carcass and its deranged depressive mistress were not shone by any Dutch husbands. So I decided.

Who is to blame and what to do?

Eh, as I remember now … Two years ago, in the dark, standing on the scales, watching the shining numbers, I rejoiced at the number 87. I was glad because my initial weight was … 111 kg. And then it seemed that everything is possible. When kg left, self-confidence came and, most importantly, there was hope that the changes were still here, with me and now. And then … then we decided to arrange a test drive for our virtual senses. He was going to come to me for a short while, about three months. And when we were standing in an embrace at the airport, “realizing” that we are native people and, in general, two halves … Oh, the happiest moment in my life! And then I weighed 76 kg. From their 111. Now a year has passed since our meeting. From the wedding day - 2 months. At the wedding, she set her personal "weight" record - 71 kg. It's ridiculous to think that I weighed more in high school!Now my weight, depending on the weather, mood and political situation, is 73-75. I don't go on a diet, I keep calories and don't eat any evil spirits. Three months later I am leaving to my husband in the Netherlands, there are a lot of bicycles there, I am generally thinning! And most importantly, I will be happy with my only one.

The main components of the recipe for my weight loss were a contrasting riot of components - despair, loneliness, love, happiness. Without the bad, there would be no good. If you do not go through something tragic and dark, you will not be able to see the light, go to it and be somewhere in Narni … in a happy future. And even though I sat on a carbohydrate-free, I count calories to this day and do not shrink from physical activity, I still think that love brought me to light. Trite, but vital!

How to survive the holidays?

If there are breakdowns or holidays, then after them it is necessary to work out the "sin". I prefer to run or once again reach the destination, and not get there. I can say one thing - I am not going to return there, to this terrible, dreary state. Having found such a huge (and I'm not talking about the body) happiness, you need to cling to it with your teeth, as once, in some bun. And hold on with all your might!

Does the Calorizator help?

I regularly look at Calorizator, I love local calculators! It is very convenient to calculate what to eat, so as not to overeat or run out of calories. When I was just starting, I was sitting without carbohydrates at all - only protein and grass, all kinds of fresh vegetables, now I strive more for the balance of BJU and strictly follow the calorie content. I eat 1400-1500 calories a day.

What's with the plans?

Now, when my friends are trying to get an answer, what kind of magic remedy helped me lose weight, I answer that He is. They don't want to hear about diets, or about sports. They are probably afraid to think that this is all work and a great desire to change. This means they have no incentive. A quality stimulus will appear and magical transformations will begin right there.

And here's the result - minus 38 kg in two years (and a favorite one to boot!)

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