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Minus 38 Kg Per Year
Minus 38 Kg Per Year

Minus 38 kg per year

Good day, my nickname on the Arlo forum. I want to tell my story. I hope this story will help those who are very heavy and don't know where to start.

How it all began?

So, on March 31, 2013 I decided to quit smoking, at that time I weighed 110 kg with a height of 190 cm. I didn't bother with weight, I couldn't see it. Since I constantly wanted to smoke, I ate the most "terrible" foods: fried sunflower seeds. There were 500 grams of seeds per day. It turned out that I replaced one bad habit with another. This led to an increase in weight up to 125 kilograms on July 31, 2013, severe shortness of breath, buying new clothes and heart problems. So I decided to start losing weight.

Minus 38 kg per year
Minus 38 kg per year

Who is to blame and what to do?

When I saw 125 kilograms on the scales, I realized that it was time to change my habits again - to give up seeds, improve nutrition, move more. But running and sports in general with such a mass will only harm, but we do not have a pool. I went to the Internet, read a lot of information about different diets and began to lose weight. I did not limit myself much in food - I ate everything I wanted, but not above the set calorie content. I did not go in for sports, but every other day I went for a walk - I walked 5-7 km.

It was very hard. Colleagues at work got rid of me, although now they themselves are overgrown with fat and ask for advice. By the New Year, I lost weight to 93-96 kg and faced the first serious difficulty in losing weight - the weight rose. I still had to lose 10-13 kg, but here I made a very big mistake. I decided to cut the diet to 1500 kcal. At first, the weight dropped by 3 kg, and then jumped by 10 kg. As it happens, too low calorie content provoked breakdowns.

So I went back to the previous pound minus diet and the weight dropped to 93 and froze. By April 18, 2014, I reached 87 kg, but there was still fat on my stomach and sides, which is very ugly. Swinging the press builds muscle, but does not burn fat.

Then I finally bought myself a bike and started cycling. The first week it was very difficult to keep the speed of 20 km / h. I drove a little, every day increasing the range by 1 km and today I got real pleasure from cycling for the first time - my muscles did not hurt, I kept my speed, I drove 30 km in 90 minutes. Now I do not follow the changes in weight, as the scales broke.

Minus 38 kg per year
Minus 38 kg per year

How to survive the holidays?

By the New Year, I had reduced my weight to 93 kilograms, but gained weight not from the holidays, but from a food breakdown, which caused a severe calorie deficit. Holidays are not a hindrance to losing weight.

Does the Calorizator help?

Yes, it was the calorizer that helped me avoid too much restriction and eat my favorite foods within the limits of my calorie content.

What's with the plans?

The plans are to maintain high activity, enjoy sports and be in good physical shape.

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