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Minus 27 Kg Per Year
Minus 27 Kg Per Year

Minus 27 kg per year

Hello! My name is Daria and I am 19 years old. I want to tell my story of the transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

How it all began?

The problem of excess weight never worried me until the moment I realized that for a woman, in addition to a wonderful character and mind, a beautiful, sexy figure is also important. My grandmother, who looks amazing at 62, always kept telling me about it. However, my young mind, alas, resisted to accept all her useful advice related to this topic.

My weight loss story began at the age of 17. Since I am a person with a tendency to be overweight, in adolescence, the habit of eating deliciously and eating a lot led to the fact that by the age of 16 my figure was similar to the figure of a woman giving birth, who is already over 30. Burdened with cellulite, overweight on the heart, shortness of breath, lack of sports or any physical exercise also negatively affected both appearance and health.

Minus 27 kg per year
Minus 27 kg per year

Initially, I was completely indifferent to what my figure was and nothing prevented me from getting the pleasure so much loved by everyone from eating. For example, I could eat half a skillet of fried potatoes on lard, 2-3 slices of fried chicken, a couple of slices of bread, three pickles, a couple of boiled eggs. And this is just an incomplete list of what I could eat for lunch, not to mention the numerous snacks in the form of various foods stuffed with chemistry and washed down with purchased juices, sweet soda water, etc. To be honest, I was "fed" from childhood, and since my family cooks very tasty, I did not resist.

By the age of 16, I had collected an impressive baggage of complexes, both about my figure and certain internal ones: it just so happened that my story to some extent echoes the story of Katya Pushkareva, the heroine of the famous TV series “Don't Be Born Beautiful”. Being immersed in her studies and having, in addition to everything, a "botanical appearance", the girl aroused ridicule among the people around and thus provoked them to various "jokes", which prevented her from feeling comfortable in life, enjoying it to the fullest.

Having reached 75 kg, being a very sensitive and vulnerable person, I decided to change once and for all: to transform outwardly and finally get rid of all the complexes that only burdened me and did not allow me to develop.

Minus 27 kg per year
Minus 27 kg per year

Who is to blame and what to do?

I approached the question of losing weight with fundamental preparedness. Having studied all the information of interest to me on this topic, armed with patience and activating all my will, I got down to business.

The formula for my cardinal changes in appearance is as follows:

A 1200 calorie diet based on nutrition + healthy lifestyle + exercise (sports) + hardening + willpower + visualization = TRANSFORMATION.

When it comes to diet, the most effective way to lose weight is to consume as many calories as you need to stay in shape. This amount depends on indicators such as weight, age, gender, level of physical activity, etc.

Minus 27 kg per year
Minus 27 kg per year

I was losing weight by counting calories - I ate 1200 calories a day. After 18-00 I ate nothing more high-calorie than water. Plus physical activity (exercise bike, squats - 20 times in three approaches), rocked the buttocks (swing legs, preferably with weight).

I completely changed my lifestyle: I switched to a healthy diet, eliminated a certain number of foods, cut portions and stopped eating on average 5 hours before bedtime. I also started playing sports, doing physical exercises, regularly tempering - all this immediately gave a result: the extra pounds began to go away, and I had a figure that I painstakingly honed like a sculptor, performing various exercises for the waist, chest, buttocks, legs etc.

Today I weigh 48 kg.

Minus 27 kg per year
Minus 27 kg per year

How to survive the holidays?

Holidays are not a reason to break your diet. I practically do not eat red meat, sausages, sausages and anything that contains GMOs. I eat offal, fish, less often chicken. I also excluded fried food. I eat baked, boiled and stewed vegetables, fish, seafood, chicken fillet, boiled veal, tongue, liver, heart (any offal).

Refused carbonated sweet water, purchased juices (do not forget that 200 g of juice contains about 100-150 calories, so what you drink should contain practically no calories). And, of course, no alcohol or tobacco, so that the skin is healthy, even tone and tender, like a baby's, not to mention the health of the whole body and the improvement of metabolism. I also think that you should give up mayonnaise, purchased sauces, chips, seeds, sweets, cakes, pastries and bread. Bread can be replaced with low-calorie bran bread, and candy can be replaced with fruit.

If you have set a goal to lose weight, and your family persistently persuades you to eat a slice of pizza, a couple of cutlets with mashed potatoes and offers pancakes with jam for dessert, have the willpower to refuse. You can also cook equally tasty and healthier dishes and offer them to your family: tongue with sweet and sour sauce, light omelet with vegetables, baked fish, juicy chicken fillet, stewed mushrooms, baked cauliflower with cheese sauce, delicious green salad with tomatoes, arugula and parmesan (or any other cheese), croutons, low-fat cottage cheese with honey (with jam) - your choice is huge.

Minus 27 kg per year
Minus 27 kg per year

Does the Calorizator help?

Since calorie counting is part of my transformation formula, it is necessary not only to correctly compose your diet, but also to control the quantity and quality of food. The calorizer helps with this perfectly.

Minus 27 kg per year
Minus 27 kg per year

What are the plans?

Having lost weight, I changed my style, liberated myself and got rid of the complexes, and, most importantly, fell in love with myself. I have changed dramatically and the attitude of people towards me has changed dramatically. Now, when I walk down the street, I am faced with total attention to my person. People unfamiliar to me, men, women and even children on the street turn around when I walk past them, they generously give me their attention and admiring glances. And I can't even believe that quite recently I was an ugly duckling, who, thanks to faith in myself and my own willpower, managed to turn into a beautiful swan …

Since then, I have been completely absorbed in the topic of losing weight, a healthy lifestyle, and creating a beautiful, slim body. The impressive baggage of knowledge and experience accumulated during the work on myself, I replenish to this day.

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