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Video: Minus 7 Kg In 2 Months

Video: Minus 7 Kg In 2 Months
Video: HOW I LOST 8KG IN 2 MONTHS ~ losing 20 pounds in 2 months | lockdown day 12 2023, March
Minus 7 Kg In 2 Months
Minus 7 Kg In 2 Months

Minus 7 kg in 2 months

My name is Anna (nickname on the Antxrf forum), I am an office worker and I am 21 years old. My life motto is: "You can achieve everything that you really want!"

How it all began?

I am constantly in the process of losing weight. Such a person that as soon as I see the result, I start to relax and, as a result, I gain back. This year, as usual after winter, I was putting myself in order for summer. During the winter, she gained a record number of kilograms, and the weight on April 25 was 68.5 kg. I was very upset and decided it was time to act.

Who is to blame and what to do?

I started as usual with the transition to proper nutrition. I calculated KBZhU, ate 5 times a day, excluded from the diet all fatty, flour and sweet foods (but I was cut off periodically). As soon as the snow melted, I started running and practicing at home. As a result, on June 7, my weight was 65.1 kg.

Thus, for 1.5 months the difference was 3.4 kg. Not a lot, considering that in a month I had a vacation and a trip to rest.

I decided to resort to the help of weight loss products. The choice fell on the Energy Slim program. Honestly, I have always been skeptical about all these additives, I have never drank anything like that before. But for some reason I decided to take a chance. Bribed natural clear composition, apparently. Perhaps some of the readers have tried it too.

I will briefly tell you what the essence is, for those who have not heard anything about this program.

It consists of 4 stages and is designed for 25 days:

  1. Drain Effect (Draining drink);
  2. FoodControl (Natural Appetite Control Product);
  3. Metabolic (metabolism activator);
  4. Body Shape (Slimming product).

I passed it almost in good faith, and here are the results for a total of 25 days:

Weight - 61.5 kg (-3.6 kg);

  • Waist - 69 cm (-5 cm);
  • Hips - 98 cm (-4 cm);
  • Leg volume - 57 cm (-3 cm).

I think it's not bad in principle, but it could have been better, of course. In general, the total plumb line was 7 kg in 2 months. Unfortunately, there are no photos with the initial 68.5 kg. In the presented photo, the result is exactly according to the program.

Minus 7 kg in 2 months
Minus 7 kg in 2 months

How to survive the holidays?

In the summer, I gave myself some slack, gained up to 65 kg. Not very good, but on the other hand, summer)))

What's with the plans?

Again, I'm switching to proper nutrition and maintaining a personal section on the site. Plus I took another Energy Diet, I will replace it with dinner. With him, at least not so for sweet pulls.

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