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Video: Minus 47 Kg In 4 Months

Video: Minus 47 Kg In 4 Months
Video: Как я Похудел на 40 кг за 4 месяца (Не Повторяй Ошибок) 2023, March
Minus 47 Kg In 4 Months
Minus 47 Kg In 4 Months

Minus 47 kg in 4 months

Hello everyone, my nickname on the forum is derskaja. I also decided to tell my story of losing weight, although, to be honest, I'm still in the process, but very little is left.

How it all began?

To begin with, I was chubby as long as I can remember. I believe that my parents originally set me up with bad gastronomic habits. Of course, I don't blame them. The only child in the family must be pampered, no matter what (this is probably their policy). Now they are also trying to feed their grandchildren, but I am fighting with them)). In general, it started on the knurled - I began to get fat, although playing sports (I was professionally engaged in swimming) helped to keep my weight a little in check.

After leaving school, I gave up sports, and my weight began to grow rapidly. After the first birth, I weighed about 86 kg. All my attempts to lose weight ended in breakdowns and gluttony. This all plunged me into depression, which made me eat even more. After the birth of my second child, I weighed 114 kg. And maybe I would have lived like that, quietly hating the whole world, happy and thin, and myself with such a fat one. But it just so happened that my health began to deteriorate. The pressure began to jump, tachycardia, and indeed my body began to disgust me, and then something clicked in my head. I just realized that I can't do this anymore!

I don’t want to come to the store and, asking my size, receive in response “try on that tent, maybe it will fit on you” or see sympathy and pity when meeting classmates, feel ashamed of myself, suffer. Why am I worse than others? Why am I not living, but existing? And most importantly, I realized that if I don't do anything, then death awaits me. I realized that I would die very early due to pressure or heart or something else. I realized that all my sores are from fat, which crushes me. And I want to see children and grandchildren. I want to live, damn it! And I will not fight for beauty and not for the attention of men, but for life.

Minus 47 kilograms in 4 months
Minus 47 kilograms in 4 months

Who is to blame and what to do?

In the first photo, before losing weight, my weight was 111 kg. I understood that I had done this to myself - it was for me to change. I revised my diet, began to eat often and little by little. For this I bought myself a small plate, which can hold no more than a handful. I drink more water and eat a lot of vegetables. I eat fruits only until 3 pm. I count protein. And you know, I'm not starving at all)) Over time, lard to remake everyone's usual dishes for themselves, for example, I remove mayonnaise from salads, smaller potatoes. I am looking for new recipes and, by the way, there are very tasty ones. You just need not to be lazy, but to seek a compromise.

Well, sports, of course, are present. Although the sport has appeared not so long ago, it used to be very difficult to pull the fifth point off the sofa.

Nothing supernatural. I now weigh 67 kg and feel that I am living for real. I am glad that I have lost weight and I am so proud of myself.

Comparing how I lived "then" and "now" - it's just heaven and earth! Now I want to move, move, but before we eat so that I can’t breathe, and I have no strength to move. As I remember, I will shudder. Maybe my story will seem chaotic to you, but forgive me, my feelings are bursting.

Minus 47 kilograms in 4 months
Minus 47 kilograms in 4 months

How to survive the holidays?

During the holidays, I eat in moderation and remain active, so they do not interfere with the process. It's so nice to feel lightness!

Does the Calorizator help?

The Calorizator helps you lose weight comfortably. I count protein, control fruits and food portions, and there are many delicious recipes for healthy dishes on the site.

Minus 47 kilograms in 4 months
Minus 47 kilograms in 4 months

What's with the plans?

Now I run in the evenings at the stadium, at home doing strength training and sometimes Insanity cardio with Shawn T. This all happens not through force, but with pleasure. For example, I wanted to run today - I went to run, and if I don't want to, I train at home. I'm going to go to the gym, but there’s no time at all (I’m taking my license).

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