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Video: Minus 41 Kg Per Year

Video: Minus 41 Kg Per Year
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Minus 41 Kg Per Year
Minus 41 Kg Per Year

Minus 41 kg per year

Hi, my nickname on the forum is Nananka, and I also want to share my story of fighting overweight. Perhaps she will inspire someone and give motivation for her own change for the better. To begin with, my motto is: "I eat right and give myself health." So healthy eating and wellness have been at the core of my path to being lean, but let's start in order.

How it all began?

I have always been a well-fed girl, as they say, "in the body." This gave me a lot of problems and discomfort in my life. I tried many times to lose weight, but for a long time my willpower was not enough. I tried to sit on kefir, vegetable, curd diets, but again and again came back to the thought that I like cutlets more. After I gave birth to a child, I already weighed 94 kilograms. With such a weight, I went to work at a confectionery enterprise.

Imagine what it would be like for a sweet tooth to enter such a paradise! Powdered sugar hovers around, marshmallows and marshmallows foams, cookies and marmalade are glazed, patterns appear on cakes and cakes are sprinkled with nuts. And soon I began to weigh 116 kg.

Since I was not the only plump in the team, I did not reproach myself strongly for the voluminous forms. But one day a young woman who is fond of proper nutrition and sports came to work at our company. She became my work partner and told a lot of interesting things about products, about methods of caring for my health and much more. She emanated such a positive that she did not want to fall in her eyes. Our girls became interested in all this and even many signed up for the gym that she attended. I signed up too.

Minus 41 kilograms per year
Minus 41 kilograms per year

Who is to blame and what to do?

It is clear that kilograms do not appear by themselves. This is the result of poor eating habits and lack of activity. After the first lessons, I realized that I liked it, but I had to change something in my diet. Agree that it is stupid to devote two hours to physical activity in order to come home to gorge on cutlets with mayonnaise. I decided to change, so change! How much information I have read and reviewed! I bought magazines like "Lose Weight", reading from cover to cover. I gave up fatty, smoked, salty, sweet, fried foods. I stopped eating sausages and sausages. I bought a double boiler and a juicer. I found the real taste of food, not seasoned with mayonnaise and other "flavors". And she began to lose weight!

I bought a scale, started a notebook, where I noted my diet every day, counted the calories I ate, and wrote down my weight. At first, the weight dropped rapidly. I was leaving a kilogram a day. I was happy and surprised: why do they say that losing weight is difficult? But then the weight got up, and the arrow on the scales froze, as if glued. I realized that it was water that was leaving my body, but now the main fight awaits me not with water, but with fat.

Minus 41 kilograms per year
Minus 41 kilograms per year

Continuing my efforts to destroy this enemy, I slowly approached the two-digit number on the scales. What a delight it was! This gave extra energy. Moreover, summer has begun, and therefore the beach season! I walked from my house to the beach, which is about three kilometers. Swimming is also an energy-intensive sport. By the fall, I already weighed 87 kilograms.

When the first cold weather came, we had to get warm clothes. I didn’t think that it is so pleasant to measure your things, from which you now “fall out”! I had nothing to wear. All things were terribly great! I put them in a bag without regret and took them to the trash can. Truth left one suit as a memento of her past figure.

Shopping is another nice touch. Having bought things, I filled the closet. The winter passed quickly. At the end of March, I weighed 75 kilograms, and was not going to stop.

Minus 41 kilograms per year
Minus 41 kilograms per year

How to survive the holidays?

So survive! Holidays are not a reason to overeat of junk and fatty foods, because you can cook so many healthy and healthy dishes.

Does the Calorizator help?

My weight loss began with the fact that I bought a scale and learned to count calories. The calorizer helped a lot in this regard. There is also a large section with a variety of recipes and a forum where the members support and inspire each other.

Minus 41 kilograms per year
Minus 41 kilograms per year

What's with the plans?

My height of 171 cm allows me to lose another 5 kilograms. At work, of course, everyone noticed my transformation. Someone admires my willpower, someone does not show it. And how many times there was a desire to break, because there is so much temptation around! And I'm stirring marmalade in a ladle, chewing an apple and dreaming of a new swimsuit!

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