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Video: Minus 8 Kg In 2 Months

Video: Minus 8 Kg In 2 Months
Video: HOW I LOST 8KG IN 2 MONTHS ~ losing 20 pounds in 2 months | lockdown day 12 2023, March
Minus 8 Kg In 2 Months
Minus 8 Kg In 2 Months

Minus 8 kg in 2 months

Hello everyone, my nickname on the forum is Wwwoman89, I'm 27 years old. I work as a private teacher, in simple terms, a tutor, and my motto in life is: "Anyone can be anything." I want to tell you my story of successful weight loss.

How it all began?

Once I planned to move to another city and gained 13 kg during my summer stay in a new city. Probably, the stress from the change of residence affected. For a year I was unsuccessfully on diets with constant breakdowns, and a year later, by the next summer, I firmly decided to get rid of the “heavy burden”. And that's how it all began.

Minus 8 kg in 2 months
Minus 8 kg in 2 months

Who is to blame and what to do?

I moved to Moscow with a weight of 47 kg and a height of 166 cm. I will say more, I graduated from a model school and was always in shape, and at school I was always "dystrophic." But then everything changed. The climate, stress (even if it was positive), a new environment and a different life completely changed me and my eating habits.

I could not help but eat for a second. I always had with me either cookies, or chocolate, or waffles, I often ate Doner. I could not eat. By the end of the summer, I came across a scale, they were 60 kg. I have not weighed so much in my life! During the year I was on strict diets and after them there were long breakdowns. I loved to eat in cafes, restaurants, sushi bars. Having improved my financial situation, I gained another 3 kg and weighed 63 kg with a height of 166 cm. It was not comfortable for me to sleep, sit and just get up.

A year has passed, and I pulled myself together. The beginning was very difficult, but I promised myself not to give up. At home I did squats, abdominal exercises and light exercises, but did them daily. I completely excluded sweets from the diet. In 2 months, I lost 8 kg. Now I weigh 55 kilograms.

Minus 8 kg in 2 months
Minus 8 kg in 2 months

How to survive the holidays?

In life, I am more of a loner, so there are no noisy feasts in my life. Keeping in moderation is the secret to getting through the holidays.

Does the Calorizator help?

The Calorizator website inspired me to count calories. Articles on the health benefits of the right foods and the right recipes from the right foods have helped me lose weight! On the site, I check the BJU of each product before I eat it. My horizons in this area have expanded. I also make various low-calorie muffins according to recipes from the site.

What's with the plans?

My body has adapted and no longer requires sweets, thanks to which I manage to maintain my current weight. I am used to eating the right food. But I repeat, it was hard to accustom myself to it, there was always a temptation to break loose, but I held on, gritting my teeth, away from store bars and other goodies. I ruled out home exercise, but proper nutrition became a habit. My mood has noticeably improved, and I have sold large items.

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