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Video: Myths About Fats, Carbohydrates, Calories
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Myths About Fats, Carbohydrates, Calories
Myths About Fats, Carbohydrates, Calories

Myths about fats, carbohydrates, calories

Myth 1: They only get better from fat

Fact: In fact, studies show that it doesn't matter if we eat butter or wholemeal bread. The main thing is the amount of food eaten. An example of this is overweight American women who eat dietary, low-fat biscuits. In fact, you should not deny yourself a small amount of fat - thanks to it we will be satiated much better than from a ton of dry biscuits.

Myth 2: Fat turns into fat

Fact: This statement, as well as the fact that you cannot eat fat at all, is not entirely true. Our body is programmed so that it is always tuned for the worst, and therefore has a habit of stocking up "for a rainy day." Every unspent and unburnt gram of fat in the human body is packed in bins: at the waist, hips, back and arms. However, it is impossible to impose a strict taboo on fatty foods: the absence of fats in food leads to metabolic disorders, to the non-assimilation of vitamins A and E and a stop in the production of sex hormones. Ideally, the percentage of fat in the daily diet should be around 30% - in the form of butter, sour cream, cheese and meat. But dubious fats in factory sausages, mayonnaise, cookies and cakes are best avoided.

Myth 3: Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to the appearance of fat in the body, that is, obesity

Fact: To raise it, they increase it, but this is the norm. Glucose is necessary primarily for the functioning of the brain, and indeed all organs. If sugar is not injected into the blood, the body will extract glucose from proteins, depriving organs of these important building blocks that need them. To reiterate, being overweight is the result of excessive consumption of any of the substances - be it carbohydrates or fats - unless you burn extra calories through exercise.

Myth 4: Reducing calories is the best way to lose weight

Fact: Reducing calories is just the first step to losing weight. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to combine a well-balanced diet (which is best discussed with a specialist first) and exercise. It is also advisable to add variety to your life - to travel, communicate with friends, improve your mood in every possible way, enjoy the good and avoid stress. In a word, love yourself and surround you with joy.

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