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Video: Myths About Medicines, Pills, Etc

Video: Myths About Medicines, Pills, Etc
Video: Medication myths and mistakes 2023, March
Myths About Medicines, Pills, Etc
Myths About Medicines, Pills, Etc

Myths about medicines, pills, etc

Myth 1: It is believed, for example, that vitamins contribute to weight loss

Fact: This is not entirely true. Even the most perfect vitamin cocktail will not provide a slim figure for someone who loves to eat in excess. But vitamins are simply necessary for those who are on a diet, because the food does not supply enough vitamins and minerals.

Myth 2: Genetics is to blame for everything

Fact: They say that if parents are obese, weight gain is almost inevitable. Indeed, a child of obese parents is at least inclined to be overweight. Gaining extra pounds is more likely than average. But if a person adheres to the so-called non-pyrogenic diet, he may not gain weight, because here it is not so much genetics as the love of parents to eat deliciously and feed the child.

Myth 3: There are medications that solve the problem of excess weight

Fact: There are no medications that can lead to weight loss if the diet is not followed at the same time.

Myth 4: Liposuction is a way to lose weight

Fact: Liposuction is a way to correct cosmetic body defects, not a weight loss method. Liposuction, especially when suctioning large amounts of fat (more than 10 liters), carries a high risk. Also, it doesn't make much sense because it doesn't solve the underlying problem. Therefore, at present, the gold standard in the world is the so-called bariatric surgery, which solves the problem of excess weight reliably and forever. Liposuction is done 1 to 2 years after that, when the person has finally lost weight. It is included in the complex of other cosmetic operations, such as abdominal plastic surgery.

Myth 5: You can do without a diet if you apply special massage, acupuncture or psychotherapy

Fact: It has been unequivocally proven that confident and predictable weight loss in obese patients can only be induced with a specially selected diet. All other treatments, at best, either enhance the effectiveness of the diet, or improve its tolerance.

Myth 6: Diuretics and laxatives accelerate the weight loss process

Fact: These funds only stimulate the excretion of water and in no way contribute to more intensive fat consumption. Their use with excess weight is pointless, and sometimes even harmful to the body.

Myth 7: Metabolism is to blame for everything

Fact: In the vast majority of cases, this is not the case. Sometimes weight gain can be associated with some kind of endocrine or neurological disease, but for the most part, obese people are healthy people with completely normal metabolism.

Myth 8: There are miraculous drugs for excess weight

Fact: There are no such drugs, the maximum that drugs and supplements can do is to slightly speed up the pace of weight loss or improve the quality of life. Of course, this is also important. But it's better not to count on the fact that one day you will find some kind of medicine that will allow you to lose weight without any effort.

Myth 9: Enzymes burn fat

Fact: In fact, there are no enzymes that break down fat. Fruits such as pineapple, which have been credited with "fat burning" properties, actually only aid digestion. Therefore, you should not attribute any supernatural properties to them and just eat and enjoy! Remember that they also contain calories.

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