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Video: WEIGHT LOSS mistakes or myths (Diet Myths) | Biggest Weight Loss Myths 2023, February
Weight Loss And Sports Myths
Weight Loss And Sports Myths

Weight loss and sports myths

Myth 1: You can get rid of 5-10 kilograms in a week

Fact: There are a lot of “specialists” who promise to miraculously save us from ten kilograms in the shortest possible time. Someone offers nutritional supplements, someone - gels, ointments and balms. Most likely, these funds can make you skinny, but you cannot count on a long effect after them. Anything that quickly disappears from the sides tends to appear just as quickly. And even with an increase!

Real weight loss isn't easy. say that the optimal weight loss is 5-10% per year (!). In addition, those who lose weight naturally, without chemical intervention, are less likely to face side effects that dietary supplements and similar drugs can bring with them.

Myth 2: The more pounds you can lose in less time, the better

Fact: If a person loses more than 3 kg per month, then, along with fat, he loses an unacceptable amount of non-fat tissues, for example, muscles. The exception is the first month of the diet, when weight loss due to excretion of excess water may be slightly greater. It is pointless to talk about the effectiveness of the method of losing weight, without taking into account its tolerance and safety.

Myth 3: You can lose weight quickly by moving to the gym

Fact: Of course, exercise is beneficial. But in fact, even intense training (5 times a week for 30 minutes) only helps you burn 50-100 grams of fat. Although they do not allow new fat to grow! By the way, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, it is not necessary to give all your best until the seventh sweat. It is enough to properly plan your workout and alternate exercises (intense and moderate, aerobic and strength).

Myth 4: I eat a lot, but I lose everything through exercise

Fact: For information: to burn the calories contained in a small cheese sandwich (no butter!), You need to do physical exercises for an hour, and to “pay off” for schnitzel with chips, you have to walk 20 kilometers. Movement inhibits weight gain rather than helps to reduce it. Although exercise is absolutely essential in the fight against excess weight, you still cannot do without restricting fatty foods (experts believe that the formula for success is: reducing the amount of fat consumed by 30 percent plus good physical activity). However, most overweight fighters find a faster way.

Myth 5: If you exercise, you can lose weight without dieting

Fact: Exercise, which most people can do, leads to weight loss only if the patient is also on a diet. There are scientific studies showing that improperly selected loads, for example, too intense, lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.

Myth 6: Ideal weight is minus 110 height

Fact: This formula was proposed 100 years ago by French physician Paul Brock. Modern doctors and nutritionists are rather skeptical about it, since it does not take into account the individual characteristics of the body, constitution (for example, a wide bone and an athletic physique). Closer to the truth today is the index - BMI, which is calculated by the formula: weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared. Optimal rates for women range from 19 to 24.

Myth 8: You should lose weight anyway if the weight is not ideal

Fact: This is not entirely true. From a medical point of view, weight loss is recommended if there is a distinctly associated medical condition with overweight. Most often it is arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis and / or diabetes mellitus. Weight loss may also be desirable in cases where there is every reason to fear the development of these diseases (old age, severe obesity).

If a person is young, healthy, has a slight excess weight that suits him, then they may not insist on compulsory weight loss.

Myth 9: Cellulite and obesity are one and the same

Fact: They are actually different things. The fact is that the blockage of cellulite channels occurs when the hormonal background changes, as well as when the water-salt metabolism in the woman's body is disturbed. This can happen even when you decide to actively lose weight and go on a diet. Therefore, you should not think that by actively losing weight, you can get rid of cellulite.

Myth 10: Fighting excess weight is useless because heredity is to blame (metabolic disorders, breastfeeding, lifestyle, character)

Fact: The trouble is that being overweight is a multifactorial disease, to which genetic, hormonal, neurological and psychological causes all contribute.

However, medical statistics show that most people suffer from the so-called "idiopathic obesity", the main reason for which is overeating. In the body, the balance between the intake of energy from food and its expenditure is disturbed. This does not happen when the body gets its energy mainly from carbohydrates: German and American doctors have found that if the diet is dominated by carbohydrates, then the body mass index tends to decrease.

Usually, those who are used to eating foods high in carbohydrates and fiber get more vitamins and minerals and much less fat from their food, therefore they are in good health and are not overweight. It is this kind of food that is considered today in developed countries as a criterion for a healthy lifestyle. And in our country it is widely believed that they get better mainly from bread, sugar and excess liquid, and lose weight from meat and vodka.

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