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Video: Myth: Potatoes Make You Fat

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Video: Does Rice/Potato Make You Fat | Myths | Facts of Rice & Weight Loss 2023, February
Myth: Potatoes Make You Fat
Myth: Potatoes Make You Fat

Myth: potatoes make you fat

Potatoes - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals
Potatoes - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals

In our latitudes, potatoes have become popular relatively recently, five centuries ago. During this time, many myths have developed about this vegetable. Let's figure it out.

Myth 1. There is nothing useful in potatoes except starch

This is just a delusion, since potatoes are a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. For example, potatoes have more vitamin C than onions, black currants and grapes - an average potato contains 45% of the daily value. Potatoes are also rich in other vitamins: B1, B2, B6, PP, A, K; minerals: iron, sodium, potassium salts, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, boron, sulfur, iodine, zinc. All this makes it an irreplaceable food product.

Myth 2. Potatoes are high in calories, they get better from them

No, they don't get better from potatoes. The fact is that ordinary boiled and baked potatoes contain 90 kcal, which is less than bananas and most yoghurts. According to doctors, carbohydrates are not an enemy of the body, but on the contrary, the main source of energy. They are engaged in building the body, making it strong, muscular, nourishing the brain, ensuring its smooth functioning. The carbohydrates contained in potatoes are heavy because of the high percentage of fiber in potatoes, and it is known that heavy carbohydrates are absorbed by our body for a long time and thereby create a feeling of fullness, which is very important when a person monitors weight.

Baked potatoes are very healthy
Baked potatoes are very healthy

Myth 3. No matter how you cook potatoes, nutrients will not change from this.

A lot depends on the cooking method. For example, fried potatoes contain more iron than boiled ones, but they have less vitamins. Through various studies, scientists have come to the conclusion that the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals is found in potatoes baked in foil or in ash. Its calorie content is low.

Myth 4. Fries and other "restaurant" types of potatoes to cook just as tasty at home is almost impossible

You can always learn, there would be a desire. There are special courses, master classes, attending which, you can quickly learn this skill.

By the way, do you have any desire to cook potatoes? Enjoy your meal!

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