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Video: Myth Or Reality That Beer Makes You Fat?

Video: Myth Or Reality That Beer Makes You Fat?
Video: Does beer really make you fat? - Dr. Sumit Talwar 2023, March
Myth Or Reality That Beer Makes You Fat?
Myth Or Reality That Beer Makes You Fat?

Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?

Beer in many countries is called "liquid bread" because it is made on the basis of barley grains. However, the calorie content in the finished drink is not so high that it is worth talking about extra pounds due to beer. So is it true that beer makes you fat? Before jumping to any conclusions, let's turn to the pros and cons of beer.

So, beer benefits. Why is this drink useful?

  1. Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?
    Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?

    By drinking beer, you kill and prevent atherosclerosis. Nature endowed him with such an unusual feature. Not everyone knows about it.

  2. Beer has a positive effect on hair growth.
  3. By drinking beer, you reduce blood cholesterol levels. Beer removes cholesterol from the vascular tissues to the liver, where it is decomposed.
  4. By drinking beer, you improve your digestion.
  5. The beer contains a lot of interesting and useful things for everyone. These are water, vitamins, proteins, saccharides, bioenergetic elements.
  6. By drinking beer, you can alleviate a heart attack. The beer contains the vitamin pyridoxine. He is just responsible for this "softening".
  7. Beer can calm you down. When a person drinks beer, he becomes much calmer, less depressed. But this, however, is a temporary phenomenon, only during its use.
  8. By drinking beer, you can quench your thirst for a while, as it is 92 percent water.
  9. By drinking beer, you, it turns out, also normalize your blood pressure.

But not everything is as rosy as we would like. These "beneficial properties" are temporary - while you are drinking it.

Now let's move on to beer harm. What is it?

  1. Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?
    Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?

    A man who drinks beer turns into a woman. The secret is that beer contains a lot of female hormones. If a man abuses this drink, he and those around him will notice changes in voice, figure, gait and even character. Women also don't need extra hormones and calories.

  2. Beer, which is soothing while drinking, then causes aggression. The character of a person who often drinks beer (like any other alcoholic beverage) changes for the worse. This is another reason why beer should not be overused.
  3. Beer has a negative effect on potency. Be careful.
  4. Beer is like a drug: addictive. Addiction is another beer hazard.
  5. Drinking beer, you can get a whole bunch of diseases: pancreatitis, gastritis, neuropathy, damage to analyzers (especially visual and auditory).
  6. Beer contributes to infertility as well as cancer.
  7. This foamy drink contains many "negative" substances: methanol, aldehyde, fusel oils.
  8. Beer drinkers are more likely to experience dizziness, which causes vasodilation.
  9. If you drink a glass of 0.5 liter beer, you will not get better, but simply increase your daily calorie intake by about 250 kcal. But if you eat beer snacks, the calorie increase can be significant. Indeed, 1 pack of chips (100 gr.) Contains about 500 kcal. Therefore, we can say that “from beer” you get fat.
Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?
Myth or reality that beer makes you fat?

Many have already learned from their own experience: if you drink beer often, you can thereby increase your weight. Only some people with a special constitution can drink beer and not get fat. Why do people get fat from beer?

As we wrote above, the answer lies in the appetizers. How do we eat a can of beer? As a rule, these are salty high-calorie foods: chips, nuts, crackers, squid, fish, etc. It is they who cause obesity, especially if they are eaten in large quantities and often.

In addition, you have probably noticed that after drinking a few bottles of beer, you just wake up with a monstrous appetite. The reason for the phenomenon is that the carbon dioxide contained in beer expands our stomach, it begins to demand more food. The bottom line is that together with beer we eat a huge amount of high-calorie foods, and then we write off the added kilograms for drinking beer. It should also not be forgotten that the beloved foamy drink contains yeast, which also contributes to weight gain.

So, let's conclude:

Despite some of the benefits of beer that we have highlighted, this drink still brings its lovers extra weight, which is undoubtedly unhealthy. We get fat mainly not from beer, but from those products that we consume with it. If you want to stay slim, you just need to drink one beer, no snacks.

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