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Video: Do Carrots Really Give You Better Eyesight? 2023, January
Carrots Improve Vision
Carrots Improve Vision

Carrots improve vision

In addition to improving vision, carrots also help your skin to be young and beautiful
In addition to improving vision, carrots also help your skin to be young and beautiful

In addition to improving vision, carrots also help your skin to be young and beautiful. And these are not all of its useful properties.

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which, upon entering the human body, is converted into the well-known vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a huge role in the normal functioning of the eye. It is part of rhodopsin, a pigment with which we can see.

Scientific studies have shown that people who eat carrots are much less likely to experience various kinds of eye diseases, especially macular degeneration. Lack of vitamin A leads to drying out of the cornea and, as a consequence, very poor vision at dusk. Carrots help prevent diseases such as cancer. Scientific research shows that carrots contain substances such as falcarinol and falcariniol, and it is they that are credited with anti-cancer properties. Another very important point: carrots are almost the only product containing these components.

Carrots are actively involved in the body's fight against aging. The substances contained in carrots help the proper metabolism, slow down the aging process of cells.

Carrots promote skin health. Vitamin A, contained in carrots, makes a huge contribution to the human body. With a lack of it, nails, hair and skin will be dry. Vitamin A protects against the appearance of acne and age spots, as well as a bad complexion.

Carrots make the skin beautiful. To maintain the health and beauty of the skin, it is useful to make masks from carrots. The main ingredients will be, of course, carrots, as well as honey and lemon.

Carrots prevent heart disease. The contribution of carrots to the prevention of the development of heart disease is also great. Also, carrots help cleanse the body. Vitamin A helps the liver to remove toxins from the body. And fiber in carrots helps to eliminate toxins and cleanse the intestines.

Carrots heal teeth and gums
Carrots heal teeth and gums

Carrots heal teeth and gums. Due to the fact that carrots are a hard vegetable, they act as a toothbrush, chewing them cleanses the teeth and mouth. A large amount of saliva released when chewing carrots helps to regulate the acid-base balance in the mouth. Carrots also protect against stroke.

Let's move on to some interesting facts about carrots.

Despite the prevailing opinion that rabbits love carrots very much (well, they really love it), it will be more beneficial for them if you give them not the carrot itself, but the tops from it.

There is even a carrot festival in the world - such a festival takes place in Holtville (California).

There are a large number of varieties of carrots, there are about a hundred of them. They can also differ in color: there are even yellow and purple carrots (by the way, the first carrot that a person discovered was purple). And one more thing: the brighter the color of the carrot, the healthier it is.

What is the right way to eat carrots? With heat and mechanical processing, carotenoids, which are contained in carrots, become more effective. Carrot juice is indispensable during active workouts. Carrot juice is best drunk with cream. It reduces the acidity in the stomach, which improves its function. You can replace a cup of coffee with a glass of fresh carrot. After all, it has a high content of trace elements and vitamins, which makes the drink no less invigorating and tonic. In alternative medicine, grated carrots are used to treat wounds, ulcers and frostbite. It seems unusual, but for angina, you can use the treatment with the use of carrot juice: add 1 tbsp to 100 ml of fresh juice. a spoonful of honey, stir, dilute in half with boiled water.

For small children, it is better to steam carrots, so all the nutrients are stored in it more
For small children, it is better to steam carrots, so all the nutrients are stored in it more

It should be remembered that for better assimilation of the carotene contained in carrots, it is better to season salads made from it with vegetable oil. The most useful is probably the salad brush, which is great for the gastrointestinal tract. The recipe is the simplest: grate carrots and beets in equal parts and season with vegetable oil. Salad ready!

It is better to add boiled carrots to a garnish with meat, this will facilitate the digestion of animal protein. For young children, it is better to steam carrots, so that all the useful substances are more preserved in it.

When breeding different varieties of carrots, its further use is taken into account. One variety is used for juicing, while it is difficult to imagine the preparation of pilaf without the other. The shape of the carrot does not affect its taste. This vegetable is truly a storehouse of vitamins and therefore is indispensable at any time of the year.

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