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Do I Need A Home Wall Horizontal Bar
Do I Need A Home Wall Horizontal Bar

Do I need a home wall horizontal bar

Do I need a home wall horizontal bar
Do I need a home wall horizontal bar

Many people know and will confirm that exercises on the horizontal bar are the easiest way to put in order the condition of all the muscles of the body. As for the horizontal bar, it has many possibilities for different exercises. With its help, you can perfectly develop the muscles of the chest, back, as well as biceps and triceps. This shell is suitable for absolutely all family members. Such a projectile is designed to pump muscles. If your main goal is to pump up your muscles a little, then you can perform any pull-ups. It is very good if you can adjust its height. Adults are advised to pick up horizontal bars without height adjustment. The chrome-plated horizontal bar looks very nice and practical. If you are so interested in it, then know that you can not only buy it, but also build it yourself. This is an important argument in favor of the "pluses" of having a horizontal bar at home.

Today this shell can be bought at any sports store. According to statistics, the most popular is a wall-mounted horizontal bar. It is attached to the wall quite simply - with anchor bolts. There are many models that have additional accessories, for example, a hole for attaching a punching bag, etc. There are also horizontal bars that are attached to the door opening. In this case, it is imperative that the walls are strong. Such a variety as ceiling horizontal bars has no modifications, but it also fits well into our interior. You can also buy horizontal bars, which differ in the types of fastening: folding, removable, etc.

The horizontal bar that you plan to install in the doorway is best ordered long. This can be perfectly installed just between two walls in the corridor, and not in the door. This is due to the fact that under your weight, door frames may one day finally take the shape of a trapezoid.

How to make a home horizontal bar yourself
How to make a home horizontal bar yourself

Now let's talk with you about a home horizontal bar that attaches to the wall. For fastening, you need large and strong screws and holes made in the wall with a puncher. But there is not always a financial opportunity to buy such a device. Therefore, now we will tell you how to make a home horizontal bar yourself. First, think about where you want to place it. The most popular places are the corridor and other rooms where there is only a small distance between the walls. Now you need to think about the materials that will be needed for your structure. First, you need a metal pipe with a diameter of about 30 mm. You can buy it in a special store. If you find a similar one in your garage, then this is very good. Now you need to measure the distance between the walls and the length of the pipe to determine if they fit together or not.Mounts can be made of wood or, better yet, metal. The grooves must match the size of the pipe. Do not forget that the pipe must fit snugly into the mount. Of the material, you also need screws, the diameter of which must be greater than 5 mm and the length greater than 60 mm.

An interior horizontal bar can compete with the rest of its many advantages. These include:


  • compactness,
  • stability,
  • and the most important thing is the opportunity to train people with a lot of weight.

A wide variety of exercises can also be performed on this horizontal bar. Increasingly, people manage to attach children's swings, ropes, stairs, a pear, etc. to these horizontal bars.

If you want to learn how to perform cool tricks, then the ideal option for you is a horizontal bar in the yard
If you want to learn how to perform cool tricks, then the ideal option for you is a horizontal bar in the yard

If you want to learn how to perform cool tricks, then the ideal option for you is a horizontal bar in the yard. Pull up bars in yards or schools are a free option for your workouts. A summer cottage can also be an ideal location. To make a horizontal bar for a summer residence, you need to find a place with a lawn. The material base will be two metal pipes, 2 m long and 120 mm in diameter. A solution of concrete is useful for fixing the projectile. For the crossbeam, you need a pipe with a diameter of 32 mm and a length of 2 m. And 2 pipes, a length of 380 and a diameter of 100 mm.

Now you need to bury 2 large pipes in the ground to a depth of 1.5 m and pour concrete. The distance between them should be 2 m. In the still not solidified solution, you need to insert pipes a little smaller. You should have a two-pillar structure. We bend the crossbar so as to insert its ends into the concrete pillars. It is very easy to make a horizontal bar in the forest. After all, the pillars will be trees, and the crossbar will be a metal pipe.

As you can see, in order to buy or make a horizontal bar, it doesn't take so much time. As athletes say, there would be a desire.

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