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Video: Do I Need To Study During The Holidays?

Video: Do I Need To Study During The Holidays?
Do I Need To Study During The Holidays?
Do I Need To Study During The Holidays?

Do I need to study during the holidays?

Do I need to study during the holidays?
Do I need to study during the holidays?

The curriculum every year becomes less accessible to students, compared to previous years: many new subjects are added, the requirement for the level of knowledge increases, etc. Therefore, before loading a child with studies during the holidays, you need to take into account all the wishes of teachers, psychologists and doctors who are more competent in this matter.

Experts recommend that parents put in the first place, of course, the state of health of your child and give him the opportunity to get enough of the rest to the fullest. After all, you can destroy all children's expectations, reduce the motivation to study, if you constantly sit the kid at the textbooks. Your student will become so tired that by the beginning of the school year he will simply not have the strength.

The exception to the rule is students who are classified as underperformers. For these guys, during the holidays, study should dominate over leisure. But before starting the educational process, you need to take into account such an important fact as childhood neuroses. Many believe that the main reason for their occurrence is nothing more than a complex school curriculum. Please note that the main signs that can signal this disease are the following:

the child does not sleep well;

  • there are circles under the eyes;
  • there is a deterioration in appetite;
  • the baby began to stutter and bite his nails.
  • Do I need to study during the holidays?
    Do I need to study during the holidays?

    Another exception is the university entrants. For many of them, summer is not only a rest, but also an opportunity to repeat previously studied material, to prepare well for entering a university, college, technical school or lyceum. Now their future directly depends on the level of school knowledge.

    But for those parents who believe in the need to study in the summer, there are many facts to know. Do not forget that you should not overload the child, as indicated by such external signs as pallor and bruising under the eyes. Judge for yourself, scientists have proven that children who are actively involved in sports spend a lot of time in the fresh air and have high academic performance. It follows from this that the daily routine is very important for the child, the alternation of study and rest should be in equal proportions.

    Also, one cannot omit the fact that additional fiction only affects the general development of the child. note that overwork is a serious cause of many chronic diseases and mental problems as well. When all the characteristics of overwork are on your face, you need to immediately stop exercising and give the child a full rest. The best option for rest for him will be a good sleep. It is also necessary to know that summer classes can completely destroy all the desire and desire to study in September. Indeed, during the holidays, the child will not have time to miss school - he will not have the strength, the desire and interest in further activities will disappear.

    If your child has independently shown interest in the educational process, support him, help him cope with this difficult activity. Do not condemn in any way, do not try to lure him to a picnic or a river. Note that he will not do more than he can.

    Do I need to study during the holidays?
    Do I need to study during the holidays?

    Parents who have listened to the recommendations of doctors and replaced their studies with active rest, we advise you to take note of the ways how to make the holidays bright and unforgettable. So, the most optimal for a city child is a vacation closer to nature and away from the big bustle. For this, a vacation in grandparents in the village can serve, which can fully leave good impressions and a charge of positive emotions for the whole year. After all, there is a river, a forest, a meadow, a lot of picnics and a lot of outdoor games, which is important.

    A good option would also be to plan a joint vacation at the sea, the advantage of which is both the improvement of the child and new impressions, as well as the opportunity to finally spend time with the whole family.

    We, of course, support the idea that vacation is a time for rest, and only extremely necessary circumstances, which were mentioned in this article, can violate this axiom. How to be, you decide, because how many people, so many opinions, but it is imperative to take into account the recommendations of competent specialists in the field of medicine and pedagogy before making such an important decision in relation to the child.

    Let the holidays for the baby become a sea of positive emotions, because they were created for this, and not a negative imprint on the soul.

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