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Review Juicer Philips HR1836
Review Juicer Philips HR1836

Review juicer Philips HR1836

Juicers are different: screw, centrifugal, manual. Today we reviewed a miniature model Philips HR1836. Despite its modest size, the manufacturer promises high productivity and the ability to juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. A useful juicer turns out! So it is or not, we will analyze in our today's material.

Philips miniature juicer HR1836
Philips miniature juicer HR1836

General characteristics and equipment

Philips HR1836 belongs to centrifugal juicers. Its power is 500 watts. The body is made of plastic. There are two color options for sale - metallic and black. The volume of the container for freshly squeezed juice is 0.5 liters, and the container for cake is 1 liter. The device is controlled mechanically. The diameter of the opening for loading products is 55 mm. Overall dimensions of the device: 31 * 20 * 23 centimeters. Philips HR1836 weighs almost 2 kilograms.

The juicer comes in a bright cardboard box. A color photo of the device is placed on all four sides of the package. Inside the box you will find a disassembled juicer: motor block, juice and pulp containers, juice bowl, stainless steel filter, lid, fruit / vegetable feed chamber and pusher. Everything is like a full-fledged juicer, only in more miniature sizes.

First impression

The juicer looks very interesting. Small size makes it easy to store and clean from product residues. The Philips HR1836 is held on the tabletop by rubber feet. Thanks to its light weight, even a schoolchild can handle the juicer. The device is assembled very easily, you don't even need to peep at the instructions. By the way, the instruction is a huge sheet folded 16 times. We found no interesting information in it.

Philips miniature juicer HR1836
Philips miniature juicer HR1836

Device in operation

The Philips HR1836 is very easy to operate. A small lever on the engine block is used to turn it on and off. There is only one speed, and more is not needed. The principle of the juicer is very simple. You simply put vegetables and fruits inside its body using a pusher, and the juicer extracts juice from them. The sufficient socket depth avoids splashing despite the high speed of the centrifuge.

Note the good efficiency of the juicer. It squeezes out the maximum amount of juice, and the cake comes out dry without unprocessed pieces of fruit or vegetables. The only exceptions are citrus fruits, but this is the eternal problem of centrifugal juicers. Lovers of orange or grapefruit juice purchase special "citrus" juicers.

Juicer care

Before using the Philips HR1836 for the first time, it should be disassembled and all parts washed under the tap and then dried. Surprisingly, the heroine of our review is very easy and simple to clean. The cake remains in its container, from where it is easy to shake out, and the container itself is enough to rinse. The spout of the juicer is removable, so there were no problems with it either. Use a brush to clean the net with knives. On average, washing your juicer takes less than 10 minutes. This is a good result.

General conclusions

After several tests with fruits and vegetables of a wide range of hardness, we can conclude that the Philips HR1836 is a reliable and fast juicer. Immediately, we note that you need to clearly understand for what purpose you are buying it. For a juice producer on an industrial scale, such a baby will not be enough. But for a small family who loves to start the day with a glass of natural juice - just right. We also note the low noise level during operation. This is important for a juicer.

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