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Video: About Useful And Harmful Products

Video: About Useful And Harmful Products
About Useful And Harmful Products
About Useful And Harmful Products

About useful and harmful products

We all want to be healthy and in a good mood. We all want to get pleasure and benefit from food. But very often delicious foods and dishes are not healthy at all. How to understand all the intricacies and learn how to eat tasty and healthy, we will figure it out in this article.

What are healthy and unhealthy foods

Healthy foods are natural foods that contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. They are not high in sugar or salt, flavor enhancers, preservatives, thickeners, colorants and stabilizers.

Useful products include:

Vegetables and greens

  • Fruits and berries
  • Milk products
  • Nuts and honey
  • Cereals and legumes
  • Fish and lean meats
  • What are healthy foods
    What are healthy foods

    Fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries can be eaten in unlimited quantities. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and stomach diseases.

    It is better to choose dairy products without sugar and low in fat - this way they will be less high in calories. But it is not recommended to buy completely fat-free ones, because the animal fat in them is replaced with vegetable fat, and not always of good quality. It is better to give preference to dairy products with 1.5-5% fat content.

    Despite the fact that nuts and honey are healthy, nutritionists recommend eating them in small quantities due to their high calorie content. 100 grams of nuts contains, on average, 500-600 kcal.

    It is also not recommended to overuse cereals and legumes. Nutritionists advise eating them no more than 1-2 times a day.

    As for the consumption of fish and lean meat - a small piece per day is enough for us, and the most important way of processing is - give preference to boiling, stewing and grilling.

    Harmful products include:

    Fast food or fried food

    • Sausages
    • Bakery and confectionery
    • Chips and croutons
    • Sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup
    • Canned food
    • Fast food products
    • Sugar and salt
    • Carbonated drinks and juices
    • Alcohol
    • What are harmful products
      What are harmful products

      Fast food or fried food tends to be high in fat and additives through oil and deep fried. A serving is usually 15-30% of your daily calorie intake. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat fast food more than once a month.

      Sausage products are of high and low quality. In supermarkets, at a low price, they usually sell products containing low-grade meat, with a large addition of thickeners, flavor enhancers, fat, and dyes.

      Bakery and confectionery products tend to be high in sugar, colorings and additives. White bread - the softer and whiter - the more harmful. White wheat flour of the highest grade is cleared of everything useful that is in wheat, respectively, such flour + yeast + sugar = a calorie bomb.

      Chocolate bars are usually high in sugar and preservatives. If you crave chocolate, eat 1-2 bars of dark chocolate with a cocoa content above 70%.

      Chips and crackers do not contain any benefits at all, except for their high calorie content. You can pamper yourself with them, but not more often than 1-2 times a month.

      Mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces - contain flavor enhancers, preservatives, high amounts of fat and flavor substitutes. You can add them to the diet just a little, but it is better to exclude them.

      Canned food is not always bad, sometimes it helps a lot and allows us to cook quickly and varied. But, thanks to canning, they often lose some of their beneficial properties, and also contain a lot of salt. Therefore, it is better to give preference to fresh or frozen foods.

      What are healthy and unhealthy foods
      What are healthy and unhealthy foods

      Instant products (soups, mashed potatoes, cereals, frozen products) contain a lot of chemicals, salt and can actually cause great harm to health if consumed excessively. They are low in vitamins and trace elements, but a lot of "empty calories".

      Salt, like sugar, is a white poison. Excessive salt intake promotes fluid retention in the body, lowers blood pressure. Try not to indulge yourself in overly salty foods. Sugar is empty and fast carbs.

      Sugary carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar, chemical additives and gases.

      Alcohol is harmful in large quantities, it also contains a lot of empty carbohydrates, poisons the body and retains water. Nutritionists allow dry red or white wine, no more than 100 ml. per day. But on a diet, it is better to refrain from any alcoholic beverages.

      How to replace harmful foods in the diet?

      If unhealthy foods are present in your diet every day and in large quantities, it will be very difficult to refuse them at once. To avoid stress and breakdowns, many nutritionists recommend replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones gradually. For example, for a start, you can diversify your diet with fresh fruits and berries - wash and put apples, pears and kiwi in a plate in a prominent place or on your desktop. And when you want to have a snack, you will see a plate with beautiful and mouth-watering fruits. And you will remember that you wish yourself health, and you will not so much want to snack on unhealthy chips.

      How to replace harmful foods in the diet?
      How to replace harmful foods in the diet?

      Start small and don't take away all the unnecessary things at once. Replace gradually, for example instead of fast food - make a homemade hamburger yourself. You can take a whole grain bun, grease it with yogurt, put a circle of tomato, a leaf of lettuce, boiled or baked chicken and a slice of cheese on top so you don't have a lot of bread. Use natural spices instead of salt, it's delicious. Instead of sausage, cook chicken, turkey or other lean meats - they can be baked in the oven, slow cooker. French fries can be cooked in the oven without oil at all - it's very tasty, believe me.

      How to motivate yourself to switch to proper nutrition

      But how to persuade yourself to make the right snack if there is a pack of such delicious cookies nearby. There is such a way - imagine how much harmful is contained in a pack of cookies (sugar, fats). And imagine how these harmful additives add extra pounds to you. Feel how they harm your nervous system, and instead of getting energy and strength from food, you get harmful substances.

      Just don't buy harmful products - that's all. Make a meal plan for the week and a grocery list, shop according to the list. Then corny you will not have harmful products - and you will switch to proper nutrition. Well, if hunger overtook you outside the home - give preference to the right snack, read the composition on the label and think about whether it is worth eating.

      How to motivate yourself to switch to proper nutrition
      How to motivate yourself to switch to proper nutrition

      Hang pictures that you associate with health. Watch and read more information about proper nutrition - and gradually adjust to the right way.

      Pros of proper nutrition

      If we give our body useful substances, not flavored with sugar and additives, then it very quickly begins to say "thank you" to us. We feel a surge of strength and cheerfulness, we get up easily and with a smile in the morning.

      With proper nutrition, there is less chance of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc. Productivity, activity, mood increase, appearance improves, and even excess weight goes away. The youth and health are preserved longer.

      Be in tune with yourself and start thinking right about food today

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